Lessons to be taken from the Ahmed Mohamed event!

Lessons to be Taken From the Ahmed Mohamed Event!

I think many of us have recognized Ahmed Mohamed, especially the United States, which is particularly on the agenda of social media in our country. For those who haven’t heard it recently, let’s briefly summarize the incident in the United States.

Ahmed is a student who lives in Texas with an interest in engineering. He is keen to develop himself, and he continues his curiosity outside the school, developing an hour in his home alone. Of course, the next day he takes this work to school to share with his teachers. That’s the thing that’s sitting on the agenda right here.

As a result of a misunderstanding with the lightest, the political and sociological background of Islamophobia and/or racism is discussed in an approach to the 14-year-old Ahmed, the teacher’s warning result, the school is delivered by the police. While waiting for his work to be appreciated by his teachers, Ahmed is being handcuffed to the principal’s office for allegedly making bombs.

Photo: The Irving Police Department Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The reason for the handcuffs on Mohamed’s hand is that the homemade clock looks like a bomb. In the meantime, the teacher saw a watch in the bag with mixed wires, a Muslim in the hands of a long-time consciously maintained the issue of the Bush period propaganda, a Hollywood effect to interpret and discuss Possible. But if you want to leave this dimension to the sociologists and politicians who think they won’t drop their tongues for long.

He finds serious support in social networks after his own appearance, Ahmed. In particular, the support messages are started to be discarded under the #IStandWithAhmed label. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton, who has noticed the support messages growing like an avalanche, is participating in this support and is throwing a tweet to Ahmed. The tweet from behind US President Obama is a summary of the state’s top-level stance on this issue. Obama, Ahmed tweets “Cool watch, Ahmed. Do you want to bring this to the White House? We must inspire more children like you who love science. That’s what makes America great, “he said.

Then come the support tweets and invitations from brands and bosses such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, corporate centres of innovation, inspiration, imagination. Currently, Ahmed has become a symbol of posture against the obstacles to the dream and the realization. If Ahmed, by working and evaluating this opportunity arising from the crisis, will open the doors to the front.

From the point of view of Ahmed, I can’t say that he actually signed an invention that would be worldwide news. But I think there will be a story to be told to every individual who struggles to put the lessons of Ahmed out of the way, both in schools and in business life.

The main theme of the lesson that will be removed from Ahmed’s story is that it’s the way I see it. “Always continue to work to fulfil your dreams. There will be people and prejudices around you that will interpret your work differently, evaluate them negatively, see inadequate, or even perceive them as a threat to society and to itself. These individuals and body prejudices will be your executives, teachers or older people and friends who you think are the most respected or have the knowledge to be in front of you. Keep working for your dreams. “