Veterans Day events and U.S. Defense Forces

Veterans Day Events and U.S. Defense Forces

Last week, on the occasion of the 19 September Veterans Day, many ceremonies were held and messages were given. Veterans Day in our country, as these activities continue in the previous week in the United States in St. Louis, the Future Technology Forum, which was promoted by the U.S. Defense Forces was marked next week.

In this forum, the US Defense Forces introduced the invention of a paralyzed robot with a prosthetic hand that connects directly to the brain, giving the physical sensations the ability to ‘ feel ‘. A patient who has been paralyzed for more than ten years due to this invention and spinal cord injury can feel it even when he touches an object with his prosthetic fingers without seeing which finger he touches.

In this way, patients who are paralyzed or lose their limbs (or veterans) do not only regain the ability to move, but also feel the objects they touch.

This news is very much and can be done in different interpretations. For my part, the most noticeable point is what we spend our time with, and in what way; Our quality of life, what we produce and what we do not produce. I think in this respect, we need to reconsider the issues that we spend our time in our business life and our daily lives, our value judgments, our priorities…

“If it is something you can imagine… “Walt Disney



Image source: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency