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About Me

Quality and accreditation in healthcare services,
Healthy working life and self-leadership,
Interested in strategy, branding, leadership and institutionalization
Enjoy sharing, discussing, thinking and thinking,
A citizen of the country…


I was born in Ankara in November 1978. I started my school life at Aydınlıkevler Primary School. First, middle, high school, I also saw that I am studying economics at Hacettepe University. My university years have been filled not only with the courses but also with the duties I received on the board of Directors of the Hacettepe University Economic Club. I have devoted a lot of time to the Research and Development Unit under the club’s roof, as well as the voluntary training project.
After completing my adventure in Beytepe, I continued to graduate education in production management and marketing at Gazi University. I took my first step into my business life at a private firm that offers consultancy and training services to entrepreneurs and businesses while continuing their master’s courses.
It was an important work period where I had good experiences for me. I’ve been taking practice from theory now. Training and consultancy services in various provinces and universities in the World Bank funded Youth entrepreneurship development projects and small business consultancy support projects, consultancy services offered to various businesses I have worked in business management, process management and continuous improvement issues based on the work plan. In these years, I completed my master’s degree in 2008 by preparing my dissertation on the consultancy and training services market for SMEs.
After completing my patriotic duties, I moved from private sector to public sector and continued my career at T. C. Ministry of Health Strategy Development Presidency and later in the Department of Performance management and quality criteria development. I had the opportunity to look through the public window this time in the business world. I have worked on performance-based supplementary payment systems, enterprise performance and executive performance issues. In this process, I started my doctorate degree in Business Administration in Gazi University and I earned the title “Dr.” By defending my dissertation on the perceived quality of service in healthcare establishments.
These studies were more about “work”, but I had my thoughts in other areas and I started to publish my writings on the “Life” page on the Milliyet Blog to share them. Here I have had the opportunity to write many different subjects such as everyday life, technology, history, business life.
Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health, Quality and accreditation in the presidency of the Department of International Accreditation Program signed with the Ministry of Health in the scope of coordination between ISQua, especially in healthcare accreditation I have been working on the establishment and implementation of infrastructure.
Following these activities, I am still continuing my studies in coordination of health services accreditation programs in the Turkish Health Services Institute of Quality and accreditation/TÜSEB since 2015. I am an honorary member of the International Accreditation Commission Confederation-CIAC Global Advisory Board as part of my accreditation studies…
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