Our test of Civilization-3 (our social responsibility in the solution)

Our Test of Civilization-3 (Our Social Responsibility in the Solution)

Those who follow, I’ve written two articles about their efforts to civilisation. In the first of these articles; Throughout history, civilizations have been built in which parts of the world, where the civilisation torch has moved to and from where. In the second article, I tried to investigate the question “where we?” Based on my observations, the obstacles to development and civilization, the better, and whether we really want the development, “why not ask for better?”

At the end of the article, some of the features that prevent the development of “How can we get rid of it” tried to look for answers to the question, I made some suggestions.

Ozgur Bolat, “Why is Turkey doomed to stay back?” (20.08.2015-Hürriyet) wrote the article I suggested earlier, I had the opportunity to review the solutions again and with a different eye.  In particular, the determination of the importance of the need to be given attention to the science of Bolat, “urgently need politicians to think about this” as the completion of the series “Our Test of civilization” in the last article “our social responsibility in the solution” I felt the need to be penned with the title.

Because even if you live the solutions I propose in my second article as “individual”, “how” will be accomplished as “social”? I saw the question remain unanswered.

I think that the answer to this problem is that they need to be addressed outside of “politics and politicians”. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not a lot of luxury in the whole problem and workload to wait for them to just build solutions from politicians.

Waiting for the Savior

In general, the problem of how we can produce solutions to our social problems, previously I addressed the Milliyet Blog “Waiting for the Savior” (10.08.2010) written in a different window and wrote the article Hasan Ali Yücel mentioned in the following Anekdotta I had completed with:

Mustafa Kemal, one day, “the Turkish nation can count when it is freed,” he asks. The ones you have, they naturally report their opinion. Then Hasan Ali takes the word; “Padamascus” says; “When the Turkish nation becomes unheard of the need for rescuing, then it is freed.” (1931)

Politicians will continue to work, of course, general policies are absolutely important in terms of effectiveness. On the other hand, we are now living in the information age, at least we have unlimited access to average information. This means that we are responsible for improving ourselves and our environment in the “state” alone, and as individuals, we are responsible for improving the air of the society we breathe in (even helping those who do policymakers).

And how?

How can an individual who sees himself at least above average and “sufficiently” enlightened, contribute to the development of the environment?

Create Big waves!

The fact that we have dreamed of civilization and development is actually like creating a “Mexican wave”. You’re an audience in a fully loaded stadium, and you want to create a Mexican wave. Can you create this wave on your own?

If there’s a common connection between the people at the stadium, why not! And why you won’t be the reason you started this movement…

In 1981, George Henderson started alone with his little drum in the Athletics-Yankees event, with the “Wave”, 1986 Mexico World Cup finals, now known as the wave of Mexico in the world, and the supporters who can bond between them Repeated repeatedly to support their team. All Henderson had to do was impress the people in the immediate vicinity by convincing them to do the move.

But what will we do if we are not able to establish such a bond, or especially with individuals who do not have such a request.

The door opens from the inside

  1. A painting by the century-famous painter William Holman Hunt is exhibited at the Royal London Academy. The “Light of the Universe” that depicts a garden.

The table depicts a wise-looking man standing in a garden at night, and the man stops at a door with his free hand, waiting for an insider reply.  One of the visitors who viewed the painting was “a nice painting, but I couldn’t understand the meaning of it. The door the guy shot never opens? You forgot to wear a knob on the door… ” Hunt answered the question by stating that he deliberately drew the door like this: “The man doesn’t hit a door. This door in the garden represents a man’s heart. However, because it can be opened from the inside, the heart does not need to be a toxin from the outside. ”

This condition, depicted for Heart and love, also applies to mind and learning. If the individual does not have such a need, do not teach him new and updated information.

Inspire, encourage!

Although access to information is limitless, we need different energy to reach that information. At least someone should give us inspiration. It can be a promise, a post, any thoughts.   “Inspiration” is not something that can be bought. But someone can “inspire” you or reveal “inspiration” in you.

Dov Seidman mentions the need for inspiring leaders in his quest for the secret of success in his business life in his book “How”. According to Seidman, inspiration is the ultimate renewable energy source for mankind.

Dan Pink, author of “Drive”, on the bestseller list, also mentions the importance of mobilizing people and emphasizes the importance of giving people the “purpose” they believe in, as they seek to make it happen.

Imagine that you are inspired to do better and better things, to get information in particular, and encourage others to mobilize you!.

After all, especially nowadays you do not need super (macro) leaders, you can also lead yourself (micro)…

All you have to do is take action…

Note: I also thank Mr Ozgur Bolat for his valuable article, which he inspires my writing.

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