Kayahan (Famous Singer)

Kayahan (Famous Singer)

The year 1988,
A profitable Ankara winter,
I’m an elementary school student.
Fourth grade, if I’m not mistaken.
After school, I do my homework,
Home stove and warmth another,
The tea is boiling over…

The pleasure of listening to music while reading, The habit,
I’m starting to win in those years.
They bought a CD player,
Besides the album of Kayahan…

“My Songs”

That’s how I met the Master in those years.
We didn’t have a little study together.

He told me, I escorted him.

“Don’t turn on my head like a buyer’s bird
Don’t hit me in the arm and shoot my lonesome snowflakes in my face. “

He told me, I imagined it.

“Draw me a sunny picture
Then paint a blue sea
Our footprints in the hot sands
Just draw it like that.
Let us be bigger than the sun
So draw it.
Don’t be afraid, draw… “

I learned to be bigger than the sun,
Not to be afraid to dream…

I also recognized the love of his songs,
Love, longing, hope…


“No accounts, no crazy
I love you
Sometimes a child
As he fears the dark “
I like to say…


“Ours is a love story
A little like a black and white movie
Tears of hope and passion
Ours is a bit like a flame. “


“I miss it so much, I memorized it.
The roads are my hope.
Don’t rain on my roads, snowflakes. “

Like every great artist, it is a road, a journey in fact…
In the Adventure of Life, every single song is retelling something every day.
While the verses in their songs used to have different meanings,
Now on his back, loading different meanings…

It is impossible to fit Kayahan here on a line or two,
Everyone else has other memories, stories, shared, unshared,
For him, while we were in the womb,
Let him say the last word himself…

“This is what cruelty is.
The end of this departure apocalypse
We’re tenants in this world
The lie is mixed with love
You better liberate me

We’re tenants, there’s death in this world.
Lion folds but
Heart-Fit Dungeon
Country Lock Release Me “

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