Success does not come where it is not desired…

Success does not come where it is not desired…

We all need to succeed in the areas we choose, interest or need.

These achievements apply to both the overall business life and the small business that constitutes that job.

Likewise, in our family life, relationships with relatives and close circles can also be mentioned in our friendship relationships.

Sometimes it happens that one or more of these failures are missing from our heads, and they never leave us alone. While this situation is losing our confidence, the situation we fall into is almost as inviting the new failures.

We do not give importance in our life, we fail in any field to achieve success in that field is the most we should not do “to believe that we can not succeed”.

Because once we’ve fallen into this situation, success is now a dream.

One of the world’s most famous golf legends, a good athlete, a successful businessman, Arnold Palmer, describes this situation that we should not fall into;

“If you think you are defeated, you are defeated.

If you think you’re not brave, you are cowards.

You want to win, but if you think you can’t win, you definitely can’t win.

If you think you’re going to lose, you’ve already lost.

When you go out into the world, you’ll understand that success will come only if you want it.

It all ends in a man’s head.

If you think you’ve been destroyed, you’ve been undermentioned.

You should consider high to ascend.

Before you win a prize, you must make sure of yourselves.

Winning the Battle of life is not always the strongest or the fastest.

Sooner or later, the winner is the person who can think ahead of the win. ”


İbrahim H. Kayral