Our test of Civilization-2 (where we Are?)

Our test of civilization – 2 (where we are)

It is important for us and the society to contribute to the increasing light of civilization, to increase the level of prosperity of this light, to improve our quality of life, and to have salt in the soup in this adventure of mankind.

Today’s possibilities provide virtually limitless opportunities and comfort for each individual to be able to reach a wide range of information that is laid out around the world in seconds, to share the information that the person produces.

We have people who have benefited from the developmentsof-of world civilization, but we still have a lack of civilisation and a need for it.

So, despite all the comfort, the possibilities and the savings, why do we still have a deep need for civilization in our society?

The answer is simple because we are individually producing value in these facilities, but when we are on the street, in traffic, in business life, in the hospital, in the post office is a whole with the society we live in.  When we come home tonight, we are listening to news from our country and we are still dealing with events that will tell us what the world is going on.

I don’t even discuss our inhumane situations like violence, rape, fraud…

We are sad, we ask constantly; “Why can’t we proceed?”

With the title “How Turkey Reaches Civilization”, Temel Aksoy wrote a very nice article. In response to the question of how the macro revealed a frame and a roadmap. (http://www.temelaksoy.com/turkiye-medeniyet-duzeyine-nasil-ulasir/)

On the other hand, before this roadmap, we have to ask or take a look at a number of other similar articles written in our test of civilization, avoiding the constant attention.

Here’s the One:

Do we really want civilization as a society?


Do we really have a priority, need, demand, expectation, like a better quality of life?

If you ask me, the demand is not adequate.

Because for example;

-many products that are unhealthy in terms of hygiene sold on the street are running out without the evening. We’re waiting for the police to block the sale.

-We need the police to warn you to wear a seatbelt while driving.

-While working, our employees need control to use their protective equipment.

We’re constantly awaiting government sanctions to put it better. But it is important to remember that the state machine also considers the priority expectations of the community and is part of the community.

So if we do not have such a demand as a society, if we do not yet feel such a need, no roadmap is unfortunately not a solution.

When you try to expose road maps when there is no such demand, you are also in a difficult struggle. (though neither in the East nor in the West has no progress has been unstruggling. But what you are struggling with is an important indication of how far you can proceed.)

Why don’t we ask for better?

Actually, we’re really good at buying a better one.

We’re very interested in the latest model cars, the latest computers, cell phones.

But none of this is the values, the technologies that we have put forward, but the technology, unfortunately.

I’ll just try to sort out the reasons that are based on my observations;

-Our imagination and our pleasures are not advanced enough. (Watch the most viewed discussion and marriage programmes, sequences, news content. You can check the determination of Ayşe Doğangüneş in this regard...  (Https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141202094907-221914186-turk-televizyon-kanallari-turkish-tv-channels)

-We are constantly in a fight with each other (see football programmes, daily contentions in business life, discussion programmes, the behaviour of traffic)

-We do not think comprehensively and complex, we do not want to think, we are bored (easier than trying to give money to a beggar on the street, to eliminate the reasons for begging him)

-Lazy (we are constantly delaying, unlike the way we drive, we are in no hurry as a community to achieve better)

-We’re easy (it’s easier to buy the best mobile phone than to design and expose a “mobile phone” that connects people)

-We have fears (we are afraid of being disliked, criticized, excluded from the group we belong to. This encourages us to behave as we expect, more than to reveal our own will. It prevents our creativity, the ability to think differently, and our freedom, the innovations that we bring to life.)

-To be the owner of power; We give more importance/value that is systematic and principled. (Having power in some way is cloud on the way it is.)

-rather than being an individual, we stand to emphasize the country, religion, ethnicity, profession Group, corporate titles, and even the team we hold. (In this way, we feel valuable, power-owning. So that other know who we are.

Of course, we have very good examples and success stories that can be given to many of the elements I have listed above, and we have people who are struggling for the better. But when we consider comparatively (scientific publication, produced brand, company values, patent numbers, etc.) in comparison with concrete examples, these elements attract my attention as we need to develop them.

For example, a person who does not have a dream, who does not have the imagination to produce a safer, faster, more comfortable car, does not use the seatbelt when he or she gets enough money in some way (even in whatever way), the pedestrian He can see himself as a natural right in front of the pavement, the sidewalks, the sidewalk ramps (just because he has the money and the car).

Because he lives in the triangle of imagination, pleasure, knowledge, comprehensive and complex thinking, more money, power, and the latest model car than being human-oriented.

You can see this example in circles of various sizes;

-An academician who writes his name to an article he does not write,

-A teenager who does not know any of his features, or even tries to prove his/her own phone with the latest model that his family buys,

-An adult who does not hesitate to eat, extortion (or even bind it to the routine), but feels closer to heaven because he is just a believer

-The game, the struggle, players from the attitudes of the team has not come to the prevailing supporters,

-Hileyle, the match-fixing, although ultimately liked to win a manager.

Examples can be increased.

The common point of all of them is rather than having the pleasure of working to reveal what is better, in some way, the easiest way to achieve that achievement, the reward, the power to acquire and then to prove its own surroundings with “O”.

How can we get rid of these features?

-We must be able to dream. It’s a nice tool to deal with art.

-We must be our hobbies, we need to develop the areas where we are good, we are happy.

-Must be an individual, not afraid of our differences, we should see this as an opportunity.

-We must learn to work together, respect different thoughts, ideas.

-We must establish a bond between what we say and what we do.

-We should have principles, we must declare and implement these policies.

-We need to focus on the essence of the subject we are dealing with, more than the shape.

-In the work we do, we need to produce benefits, to create value.

-We have to work harder.

-we should turn off the TV, read a book.

As a human, we deserve what’s better! But first we must dream of it, demand the better one, we must work continuously for this…

Because as Walt Disney said,

If it is something you can imagine…

Stay lovingly…