Super Dads and Super Moms: Super Leadership Approach for Parents-

Today’s kids are in a devastating emotional state. Many come to school emotionally unprepared to learn. There are many factors that cause this condition in our modern lifestyle. This condition of today’s children is common, and for many parents, it is worrisome.

Every parent who cares about their children’s future tries different paths, but often fails to realize what goes wrong between school, work life and daily hustle and bustle. At the end of the day, parents who are tired in the middle of all this rush are often filled with anxiety.

Most modern parents go further and look for new ways to find out how to raise interesting, approachable and moral children in today’s world.

So, what are Modern Parents most worried about? What challenges do today’s children face? What can we do to overcome these concerns and challenges?

For years, I have been giving leadership, behavior, communication, motivation and management trainings and courses to many listeners and students in the public, private sector, and universities. In the modern world, which is getting more complicated and expertise levels increase day by day, I see that the solutions of the past are mostly insufficient.

In this book, I try to compile common complaints and concerns based on my observations from life and heard from many parents and suggest a different solution to them.