On empathy, beneficiary and equality

On Empathy, Beneficiary and Equality

Concepts such as empathy, cooperation, equality and reciprocations in our business life or social relations, how we perceive these concepts and how we implement them in our daily lives affect our quality of life in both individual and social terms, and.

Researchers have been doing a lot of work in this area. Some of these studies are being made on animals that we think are less intelligent, not just people. In this article, I would like to share with you the speech and experimentation of Frans de Waal, which includes a series of research and experiments set forth in the context of the subject.

As part of this research, the Justice experiment performed by Waal and Sarah Brosnan has been quite famous in social media. In the first video below, there are images of this experiment made at an American university.

The experiment is as follows; Two monkeys are positioned to see each other. First, both monkeys are given the grapes they love in exchange for giving the stone inside. 25 repeated times during this process, no problems occur.

Then the monkey on the right, in exchange for giving the inside stone, is again given the grapes. The monkey on the left is doing the same thing, but this time it is given a cucumber that is a food that they do not like.

The ape on the left, who is aware of the whole event, reacts extremely to this situation every time and throws it back to the cucumber. He even slammed the stone against the wall, then climbed out of the cage in his own effort, looking for ways to get what he deserved. Injustice infuriates the haunt.

As I stated at the beginning of my post, the work done in this field is not limited to the above experiment. Scientists are asking a lot of questions and looking for answers.

For example, is doing favours only for people?

Do animals cooperate for a specific job?

Is it also true between animals that help and do favours?

When someone is working less, are there any other models of co-operation among animals?

Does all this mean anything to us people?

The behaviour of empathy, cooperation, equality, reciprocality, and thinking of the good of others seems to be merely a feature of the people. However, Frans de Waal shares quite a surprising view of the behaviour tests made with animals in the following speech. In these images, we see that we share most of these moral traits with animals. After many other examples of the experiment in the first video listed above, the details are relocated at the end of this conversation.

It’s worth thinking about the work in the given examples.

Good looking.