Praise to walk

Praise to Walk

The title of my article belongs to the Book of David Le Beton…

Le Beton discusses the walking action of human beings, almost forgotten by modern people, from a different perspective. To walk to the world through a different window with the ability to stand especially for human beings, it is a stance against life that is far beyond just being a sport…

In this article, I would like to share with you some of the author’s statements about walking.

You might want to take a walk after reading the article:)

Humans and walk

“For thousands of years and a great part of the world today, people still walk from one place to another.

There is no doubt that in our contemporary societies, there is little benefit from mobility and individual physical resistance. Human Energy (walking, running, swimming…) In everyday life, work, relocation, etc. arising from the will of the body and its major sources. Activities are very minimal.

People no longer bathe virtually in rivers like the Sixties, they do not use many bicycles, and they take less advantage of their feet to go to work or to achieve their goals in everyday life.

Nowadays, the automobile is the Queen of everyday life, although it causes blockages in cities and creates daily tragedies, making the body almost unnecessary for millions of people. People have begun to become a living or non-moving entity, and many people have replaced their lives with prostheses.

Our feet have no roots, our feet are made to move. Even for the shortest routes, walking is no longer included in the displacement form of virtually all of the contemporary individuals, in response to a leisure activity, self-proof, peace and comfort exploration, the weight of the relationship between nature Felt. Long rides, trekking, walking communities, etc… ”

Benefits of walking

“Walking is the opening of the world.

It recreates a person in a happy life.

It puts you in an effective form of deep thinking that wants a full sense of awareness.

Sometimes a person feels inclined to enjoy the time that has changed from the walk and is more prone to the urgency of our modern lives.

Walking is temporary or permanent living with the body.

Walking through forests, roads, or paths will not distract us from our increasing responsibilities in the face of the world’s irregularities, but to restore our breath, to sharpen our senses, to renew our curiosity.

Hiking is often a turn that allows people to concentrate on themselves. ”

To walk together, to share feelings and thoughts.

“Walking people are interesting people who have agreed to leave their cars for hours or days in order to experience bodily adventures in the nudity of the world.

The walk is the triumph of the body in different tones according to the freedom level of the hikers.

It is a convenient activity to develop a fundamental philosophy about a pile of trivial things in life, and the traveller takes a while to think about it, an unexpected pile of questions, asking questions about the nature or its relationship with others.

The walkers appear to be a reversal in the world in which a man is in a hurry. A walk to enjoy time and space; An escape is mint to modernity.

Crazy Life is a shortcut in our rhythms, an activity that is convenient to take distance. ”

And the author expresses why he wrote this book with the following words.

“I didn’t want to write an encyclopedia of walking, an instruction manual or an anthropology book. My goal is to talk about the pleasure, the walk to enjoy, to meet, to talk, to enjoy the time, to stand where you want, to continue on the road as you want…

To invite pleasure and to do positive work, not to guide…

For the peaceful happiness of thinking and walking… ”

Stay with Love.