I Want To Build My Own Business But I Don’t Have A Business Idea!

I Want To Build My Own Business, But I Don’t Have A Business Idea!

In my previous article, I told you that many employees are dreaming of retiring and setting up their own business, “How should you implement your work idea?” in the next article I said we would search for answers.


The feedback I received from my readers is that they are curious about the continuation of my first post. On the other hand, some of my readers are talking about not even having a business idea.

Then we need a business idea first!


Because the first step in building our own business is that we have a business idea. So, where do we start?

You can follow more than one path in this topic.

You can brainstorm when you meet friends, family relatives, or friends around you in your workplace.


I’m sure you’re already using this method. You can try to do a little more targeted focus. You can discuss and discuss business ideas freely and note emerging ideas. Then you can discuss these ideas through lists, ideas.

If you want to think over a little more, you can embody ideas by using the method expressed as idea trees or ideas maps. This method will be useful in order to have more systematic thinking, especially when many ideas arise with brainstorming.


By asking a question to work, for example; You can start with “What do people spend most in/what products?” You can then find new and systematic ideas by answering the sub-questions that will create this question.

Feel free to create your own questions and answers. Remember, new roads are formed by the opening of one of the paths that have never been travelled.  


Open your own paths…


The golden rule of reaching different business ideas lies in the customer-oriented look to the needs. However, especially for the basic products ‘, I sell, as long as you think I can produce ‘, do not start to build a business. Because now the production possibilities are quite wide, almost many products can be produced at home according to our own tastes (bread machines, etc.)  

“I sell what I produce, as long as I know how to sell it.” The merchant’s understanding was too much to lose its judgment until it sold it to the customer, and after selling it, it was not found again.


Well, what should be understanding?

Now, the thought structures that can best identify the customer’s demands and needs, and have the chance to predict the right expectations, have the opportunity to take a share of the cake.


So our starting point must be a customer. We’re getting a different way to get a job idea from here. Get out of the problems of people, the problems they face in everyday life. Suggest solutions to these problems. Students, elderly people, working mothers, etc. Observe the most problems of the masses that may be your customers in different areas. Take notes and then look for ways in which you can solve these problems by putting out what goods or services.

Another way of thinking that can help you in implementing a business idea is what kind of product you want to appeal to a market. For example, you’re distant from innovations, you don’t want to get out of the areas you know. Then you can appeal to an existing market with a familiar product available. This kind of choice will be simpler than getting your business ideas out of the business around you. But, perhaps, the ideas that come to your mind will be in your opponents ‘ minds.


I’ll take a little more risk if you think I’d rather put the novelty out. With a new product, you can cater to existing markets or create new markets, deliver familiar products to new markets and more.

The important thing here is that you can demonstrate solutions that will help you meet the customer who will benefit from this product.  

Southeast cuisine in the West!

Today, for example, the different flavours of southeastern cuisine meet with Western customers and their existing products to reach new markets. The followers who have discovered this will open the restaurants in the same design as demand. This breakthrough, which is shown by Southeastern cuisine, is followed by the Black Sea tables, the Konya tables, and the Aegean dishes.

They are starting to present their current products in different and new markets.

And finally, you can move this perspective one step further and appeal to new markets with a new product. This area will apply to products that are subject to innovation.

If we continue to serve food drinks; For example, it is interesting that people working in big cities can consume fast and also produce new flavours that will appeal to their culture, and design different presentation shapes.

Keep the hot cookies you can offer in a bakery and expand the range from the shopping centre concept to a new meat-based product.

Of course, you can adapt your quest for new business ideas to many different sectors by thinking of this style. However, to develop new ideas or to achieve different adaptations, you must read more, investigate, and access numerical information from past years.

No idea without knowledge!


For example, between January 2011-January 2012, the number of newly opened businesses is around 111 thousand. When we examine these businesses in sectoral sectors, they receive retail trade, land and pipeline transportation, food and beverage services, office management and support activities (SSI, TEPAV).


I’m sure even this simple information you read above will give you a different look at creating your business idea. You will be interested in the details of the sectors, you’ll deepen your research on this. You will begin to think of the needs of customers by taking into consideration these sectors as well.

The information you gain from your points of view will create an important step for your new business ideas.

In this way, you will start to ask questions about whether you are slowly or suddenly a business idea, then how can I implement this job or is it a business that can be done?


İbrahim H. Kayral.