When I walked down the road, I thought that I was the one who I thought was educated (!). What an ignorant move!


You put yourself on the road without looking to your left, you’re risking your own life and putting others in danger! Then I thought, in fact, people are not completely ignorant or knowledgeable.


There are ignorance or ignorant behaviour. Ignorant person; Maybe a fictional hero who thought he was collecting all the ignorant moves in one single. Just like the traffic monster.


For example, the person has a well-dressed, quality car but his movements are ignorant. Why are we in such a continent because rich people are not ignorant in our minds? There are patterns in the form of ignorance peculiar to the poor.




A senior admin but…


We are associating it with power this time of ignorance. For a certain authority, the man with power cannot be ignorant.


Well, who is this ignorant person?


Poor, lame, poorly dressed people?


We do that too; You look at the guy’s clothes, you think he’s a patchy, worn-out and dirty. In the first smart sentence; You look at the guy, you think he’s ignorant, but you start saying.


The real ignorance is actually thinking of such patterns.


What’s the damage? Why did I need so many sentences to tell you this?


This is my friends.


We’re judging people with those moulds we made up as ignorant people.

For example, there is an experience in the form of a person who acts ignorant and has a high potential for harm. Then we bond with our judgment that the poor in our heads are ignorant.

Where? Over there!: Then the poor have a high potential for harm. The rich are less harmful!


What kind of negativity is this?


We make the wrong decisions, we’re better off being scammed.

Because the bond between the two propositions is not real.

If he’s well-dressed and rich, he’s not ignorant, so I can trust what he’s saying.

Or we think that a well-dressed, educated person crossing across the street would be ignorant and not throw himself in front of the car, and we’re being less cautious.


These examples can be increased.

But in a nutshell, there are no ignorant people, there are ignorant behaviours.

And there are differences in the origins of knowing/not knowing, the ability to process information, and the ability to implement it.

The shape patterns lead us to only the wrong judgments and deliver greater damages.


Dr. İbrahim H. Kayral.