Relaxing is a job…


Relaxing Is A Job…

Especially after the 1980 and 1990s, the development of the production facilities connected to the computers and the progress in communication technologies has made it easier for us to reach the goods and services. By the 2000s, we could order a product from anywhere in the world with the Internet being used in wider diameters by individual users.

This was not only true for the final consumer, but also in the sense that businesses that produce goods or services can reach the materials and information they need. These conveniences have reduced costs, as well as the diversity and abundance of products on the market for a reason.

The developments have now led to the production of goods from production to service, at least to show more activity in the field of service. Banking, consultancy, health, tourism etc. The emergence of more operating branches and business areas in many different sectors has been shaped in parallel to these developments.

So, what does this have to do with the title of the post?

This environment, which I summarized above, also led to the emergence of many different possibilities that would take our time in our daily lives, both business and business. You may want to devote time to many different topics, from social media, computer games, e-books, and blog pages, especially if you are a little bit good with the Internet. Friends, books, sports, television, daily work in the areas outside of work to use our time efficiently we need to keep almost the agenda.


Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924)


In your business, there are different stress factors related to the area you are working in, and the effort you spend on your work is a separate subject…


Especially since the media I summarized at the beginning of the article increased the “expectations” on the service sector, employees in this field have completed many jobs at the end of the day and are very tired especially in the mental sense. And then, in his mind, he’s having “unprecedented”, “unmeasured” or “undefined” jobs that he described as “I can’t count what I did today.”


He is constantly working, and his work is not seen as “tangible”, but he is lost in a spirit that tries to close the gap more and more by working. In order to eliminate this uneasy, it carries out their work to work, evenings or weekends…


As such, mental and physical fatigue affects both our daily lives and our business life negatively.


This is a business that needs to be planned to “rest” when combined with the topics I have listed above, which takes our time “out of work”. Rest, even if it is not for ourselves (!) at least we need to do our job more efficiently.

A Swiss-based bank that realizes the importance of the issue, Credit Suisse, is sending an official message to their employees not to make a job interview, even on the phone, if it is not an urgent and important transaction.

Where we come from; It is no longer just personal to rest, but also institutional measures to be taken.

At least it is important to start with the awareness of the subject…

İbrahim H. Kayral

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