What do we do for midterm?

What Do We Do For Midterm

During the semester break, the most important concern of sensitive parents is how they will spend more quality time with their children. The ongoing process of the school period converts to an important opportunity to be passed for two weeks, to replace the beautiful time…  


Various plans are made out of the city or in the city. Planned activities can differ depending on weather conditions and financial situation. This period is also an important opportunity for shopping malls since families will gain every sense of spending their time around here, it is possible to come across pictures of events that attract children with very attractive pictures on billboards. But in reality, those events are not as attractive as the pictures. At least it’s not worth your struggle with crowds… 


With my son, we are planning a long distance shopping mall. Most of the time we prefer parks, for example…


What can we do outside the mall during the winter months?


Especially in the cold winter months, we prefer to spend time in open spaces, a little thicker, rather than interfering with the crowds in closed areas (to protect from the cold) that are widespread in the outbreaks. Of course, we’re investigating different areas of activity.


Here’s one of the alternatives to museums. Museums also appeal to adults, especially as they offer important opportunities for children who are in the learning age. In this respect, I think the museums, the big guys and the little people, are good meeting platforms where they can spend time together.


When it’s searched around the world, the museum seems to be very old. For example, in the United States, we see the Charles Museum as the first “folk museum” in 1773. In 1793, a museum was also established in the Louvre Palace in France, where treasures from many countries of Europe and the spoils of war have begun to be exhibited. This period opens up important museums in many cities such as Berlin, Madrid, Prague, Munich.


In the 19th century, important museums are starting to enter into service. One of them is the American Museum of Natural History, which is one of the largest museums in the world and opens to service in 1874. The museum is the world’s most visited natural History museum, with free entry and open for 364 on the year. The museum has a total of 126 million examples, including plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and human-made cultural products.

MTA Natural History Museum


There is such a museum in our country, the Natural History Museum in the capital, Ankara, which reads the doors, the masses who are looking to spend quality time as well as free open to families.


This first natural history museum in Turkey was opened in 1968 in the Mineral Exploration Exploration Institute established in 1935 by the directives of Ulu Önder Atatürk. Since 24 May 2011, it also serves in its present building.


The exhibition halls of the 3-storey museum, consisting of 6 different sections, are compiled from various parts of Turkey and the world, and there are many important and valuable examples.


After getting some information on the internet about the museum, with my son and his friends, we evaluated this chance, which is located near us. Children’s interest in dinosaurs transformed into a museum learning and entertainment centre by the fossil specimens of different animals, planets, models.     



The models belonging to the planets that meet you at the entrance and are located in the solar system are visually satisfying for the children as large. You can see the Lightning stone on the same floor and the Meteorites, which is caused by the lightning drop and the high temperature of the rocks.


When you go to the upper floor, you observe the evolution of living beings from single-celled, multi-celled, invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals and primates to modern people from the beginning of life to the present day.


The fossil specimens exhibited in this area are impressive… The Department of Instrument materials used by prehistoric people and the animation showcases of the current examples of animals and plants of Turkey is worth seeing. The cave model, which is also located on this floor, has been an interesting environment, especially for children.



On the second floor, there is a mineralogy section. This section exhibits crystals and ornamental stones with the building blocks of the Earth’s crust, minerals, rocks, eye-catching colours and attractiveness. Crushing, crushing, grinding stones and mortars used in mining on the same floor, rowing, digging and ore carrying boats made of wood, the details of the visitors will not be seen in other places.


The museum is one of the most important places to see with your children, with examples exhibited in many areas.


We went, saw, learned and had fun.


We recommend it to you.


Good vacations for everyone…


İbrahim H. Kayral.