Treasure Map of the information Age

Treasure Map of The Information Age

As you can recall, in my previous article, based on the purpose of human life, I was told that the goal was to “achieve happiness”, that everyone wanted to be happy, but I had argued about how to achieve happiness.


Ultimately, we are interacting with the society we live in and there is no happiness alone. I mean, it’s hard to see our best friend, neighbour, or even someone we don’t know unhappy and maintain our own happiness. Especially through the internet constantly “online” and “connected” with each other…


In this case, how can a behavioural model help be “constantly happy” along with the society in which people live? Even if it is not always “regularly”…

If happiness is a treasure, it would be nice to have a map that will lead us to that joy!


Treasure map that will lead us to happiness


When I was editing the treasure map, I mentioned that I suggested “sharing” in my previous article, and I gave a short story about it. The story ended with the words of the one who inspired to share the soup at the table.

“Who sees himself in the table of life alone, and if he thinks to be saturated, he will starve. And if anyone thinks about your brother, he’ll be fed by his brother. And, of course, remember this. Life is always gaining on the market, not giving space… “


However, in the knowledge society that we live in, especially as a result of technological developments, it has provided the differentiation and diversification of requests to reach all kinds of information that people are miles away from. We are now aware not only of the soups of our mothers but also from a wide variety of soup recipes made in different cuisines of the world.


Each of our requests differs from different, mass production to individual preferences are occurring. What can we share in such an environment, how appropriate to the taste of the opposite?

If we don’t share what we have now, what is fiction that will lead us and other people we interact with to happiness?


Inspire and encourage!


In today’s world where all kinds of goods, services, ideas or thoughts are a wide variety of products, what can we share with someone else while we are constantly hesitating about exactly what we want?


Answer Inspire him and encourage him!


Now it’s much easier to achieve many things than in the past, but “inspiration” is not something that can be bought. But someone can “inspire” you or reveal “inspiration” in you. Dov Seidman mentions the need for inspiring leaders in his quest for the secret of success in his business life in his book “How”. According to Seidman, inspiration is the ultimate renewable energy source for mankind.


Dan Pink, the author of the book “Drive” on the bestseller list, also mentions the importance of mobilizing people and emphasizes the importance of giving people the “purpose” they believe in, as they seek to do so. Pink mentions that “objective maximizing” should be provided, just as in “profit-maximizing”.

Seidman’s book, in parallel with Pink, emphasizes the “greater purpose” of the people who are influenced by inspiration.


In the current conditions mentioned above, our shares will make us and the people we interact with are happy in the direction of inspiring and encouraging.




Imagine that you are inspired to do better and better things and that others encourage you to mobilize!. 


Wouldn’t you be happy?


Then before you begin to inspire and encourage others to realize this dream…


However, we can achieve “continuous or regular happiness” with the entire society in which we do not live or live but interact…


İbrahim H. Kayral


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