Just move!..

Just Move!

If you feel a problem in the inner world about your current situation,

If you are experiencing an internal reckoning or if something is missing,

After all, if you’re restless and you don’t know why or what to do, all you have to do is take action.


It doesn’t matter what direction it is;

A walk,

A new book,

New people,

New songs,

A new film,

New Roads,

A new venue,


Life has something to tell you.

You should call her and find her.

You should hear from someone, something,

You should contact someone with something for him,

Maybe an uncle in the park

Maybe a sentence on the TV show

Maybe a graffiti on the street,

Maybe a friend you haven’t seen in a long time,

But for that, you must “move” first,

And certainly “aware”,

You need to be aware, listen, hear, open your eyes…

In a book I read, he was saying. “If your goal is success or happiness, it is not a result that you will never succeed or be happy to achieve, happiness is not a result, they cannot achieve those who see it as a result.” (D. Seidman “How”)

You just do it, success or happiness, and if it’s the future you’re looking for,

You know, he says “Just do it”, like he’s in the commercial, 

If you feel something is missing, but you can’t find it, all you have to do is

Just move on…


İbrahim H. Kayral


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