Health institutions and quality


Health Institutions and Quality


Health care generally aims to improve the welfare and happiness of the society by ensuring the preservation, improvement and continuity of the health of human beings; physically, spiritually and socially. As with other service organizations, the quality of service in healthcare institutions is a very important place when this goal is put forward.


Quality of service is one of the most researched topics in service marketing. Especially in terms of customer satisfaction, business performance, such as the importance of the quality of service to the fore, we see different studies in this area.


Factors such as the increase in health care and the increasing competition conditions in the sector, the obligation to provide a certain level of satisfaction for the services offered, are required to address the quality of healthcare services. These factors make the quality of service one of the important issues that should be focused on all employees, especially managers.


In the health sector whose centre of the services offered is always “human”, environmental conditions like a lot of institutions being in service and the competitive conditions between them getting more difficult is putting the institutions that are not able to meet the expectations of patients and their close ones in a disadvantage against the other institutions.


The conscious consumer, who expects to receive the price of their fee and wants to be informed while receiving the service and questioning the services he receives, is also affecting the public sector as well as the private sector. I would also like to underline the need to think of many elements that are not only monetary prices but also both material and spiritual aspects like wasted time, risks incurred, etc.


The costs incurred for the service users and the fees paid are returned in the medium and long term in a way that the service offered for the institutions is not demanded and the relevant health institution is not re-preferred. From this point of view, the quality of service offered in the healthcare sector or the various deficiencies that arise, show the negative effects of medium and long term. It takes a long time to remove the negative image, especially in the mind of the service areas.