"New Year"


The New Year That Gets Old in a Year


The year 2013 is over; expectations, demands and aspirations for 2014 have been created. In many different fields, articles, conversations, we meet the expectations of the new year. Expectations written on Twitter’s #MyExpectationsFrom2014 hashtag are actually like the money thrown into the pool of wishes…


Some have more social wishes;


The #MyExpectationsFrom2014 was very lost in 2013, hope it does not happen in 2014 🙁 What I feel when I pose “@MustafacnnCan

#MyExpectationsFrom2014 may ignorance just end, brother. :)” @HakanSonn


The focal point of some people is in the more individual plane;


# MyExpectationsFrom2014, that by the way is not very high, is just a solid car and a place seaside:D” @MuratDann

# MyExpectationsFrom2014 Is for my birthday to be celebrated with 1000 people:)” @unlucanmahmut


The expectation of personal growth is wanted by those who are more down to earth:

“# MyExpectationsFrom2014, is to at least be able to sew what I rip off :D” @ElifFeyzaa


For those who prefer to be more realistic or modest, for example;

#MyExpectationsFrom2014 Is nothing more, I’m happy :)” @Svlbyrktr

“The one who has big expectations also has big problems, leave this expectations thing all together # MyExpectationsFrom2014” @algan_zeynep


Ultimately though, the requests never end. I’m sure we’ll be ready to shelve the 2014 by saying # MyExpectationsFrom2015 these days, and this cycle will go on. But I think the important thing is that we can produce answers from ourselves, not from other places, numbers, dates, and the moment we live in, giving the day, the right of the year…


I wish you a new year in which you can fulfill your dreams.


Love and greetings…