The World Inside

The World Inside

Without realizing it, without the smell of blood red, if you’re walking past it, what difference does it make to have that rose on your side?

If your hands don’t feel that enthusiasm, for example, how meaningful it would be if you don’t reach the skies through those roses, you’re just breathing!

The world is always spinning at the same speed.

Your requests are not over,

Do you realize that?

As you wish, having a rather more alarming pace with more anxiety, the return of the world.

Like those lines in the Little Prince book: “People don’t have time to understand anymore. They buy everything they want from the shops. But they don’t have friends because they don’t have a shop that sells friendship. ”

You can’t buy everything, think about it.

As you accelerate, it spins faster, the world, and you start complaining about not being there, not feeling it.

Don’t complain!

Slow down sometimes, even if you need to, find your rhythm, then take a deep breath, but it’s not random.


Fill the lungs…

Feel the peace when you find the rhythm of life.

Then back into the cheque,

A check that the smell of the roses you pass into life, without realizing it every day, will make sense in your breath…

Let the world come alive!

You can even love a flower that lives in a star when that world comes alive. “‘ ‘ If you like the flower that lives in a star, it would be nice to look at the sky at night. ‘ ‘

Let your hands lie in the sky as the clouds will hold.
So Live life,

Feel it, live it, life; “That’s me, that’s what I mean!”

Remember, the world is in you.


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