Year 2050


How old will you be in about 30 years?

By those years, I think the world is going to be a very different place.

Looking at the history of humanity for thousands of years, the speed of developments in these last minutes of history, as it will be measured in seconds from the perception of the next date. Carl Sagan tells the Cosmos documentary on the basis of the cosmic calendar, which reduces the history of the universe into a single world year.

Therefore, it is obvious that the next 30 years have been much faster and more radical developments or “updates” than the past 30.

For example, the Singularity stream initiated by Google’s chief engineer Ray Kurzweil says, “Death is a disease, we can achieve not to die by 2050.”

And the developments in biotechnology seem to change our structure.

This century is called the last generation of human beings living as pure people. From now on, we will proceed as ‘ humanoid ‘. Of course, that means humanoid is a little inorganic. (Do not confuse with a humanoid in #Aeden)

In other words, we will be difficult to isolate organic human beings with a biotechnological humanoid.

Today, we will try to catch contact lenses, headsets and heart batteries in our daily lives in the future.

People are going to be updated every year.

Today, with robot Sophia conducted by artificial intelligence, robot cities vs. Studies in areas such as consciousness will be addressed in different dimensions. Because after all, consciousness is the only thing that lives. 

In this detail, I’m not even going to go about whether or not the conscious robot will continue with artificial intelligence. A topic that is especially studied in different perspectives in the field of health. The Japanese have already established their employment policy on these robots.

Between interplanetary travel, plans to set up Marsta colonies, and the creation of new living spaces by moving human embryos to these planets, we can now say that it does not sound like far-away science fiction stories.

It is estimated that in 2025, computers can process human intelligence. But judging by the speed of progress, it looks like it won’t be up to 2025.

You’ll have a personal computer that collects your information (your consciousness) in the same intelligence as you. It’s kind of your backup. Every night when you come home, you don’t need to come home in this technology:), you’re backing up all your thoughts and memories and a database is forming. You can make calls at any time in this database, of course, just thinking. And imagine that these databases are interconnected. Here’s a network between you and the brain. 

The world is evolving faster than we thought, and if mankind is unable to enter a war to destroy itself or continue to exist without disrupting its biochemistry, then the future is waiting for more interesting developments. Of course, by “The future,” We’re not talking about 100 years, we’re talking about a future that anyone who reads this article will experience. I think it’s good to update your thinking and work styles with this perspective and awareness. We need this to not say “folks go to Mars, but we are still…”

How old will you be in the midst of all these developments in the year 2050?

And are you ready to update?



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