Can the network be established between the brain?-(YSA and WWW)

Can The Network Be Established Between YSA and WWW

Can the network be established in a previous article called ‘ Nervous system and brain ‘? We had access to a series of articles. In this article, interagency networks, networks or English with the exchange of the “networks” expressed as the mesh of the business life of political events, health, education, a technology from developments in areas such as the daily lives influenced by many topics mentioned.


As the most beautiful example of these networks, we outlined the basic characteristics of the brain and nervous system, starting from the functioning of our own bodies.

Why are our brain and nervous system so important? Because its functioning is a very good example of our ways of doing business, consciously or unconsciously. The systems we are aware of or without, as if they were a great example of this system.


Artificial Neural Networks (YSA)


When we land on the basis of the issue we discussed, we see Donald Hebb as the father of today’s Neural Network Theory (1949). Hebb, a neurologist, has done studies on how the brain learns and has begun to study the nerve cell, the most fundamental unit of the brain. The studies that started at this point and the theories that put us into the neural networks.

Artificial neural networks are emerging as a result of the artificially simulated work system of the human brain. Creating an effective alternative to solving difficult problems with classical techniques leads to the widespread use of artificial neural networks.  As a result, artificial neural networks are facilitation in many areas as an advanced computing technology inspired by the knowledge processing technique of the human brain.  


Where it should be underlined; Use of artificial networks as the way information is handled.  The production of new information with the transmission of knowledge in a regular and systematic way between units. Thus, resolving the identified problems can be achieved more quickly.



The network surrounding the world (WWW)


You can read this article today, the computer hosting the article is defined within a network, the text is transmitted to the network and it is possible to reach your computer.


This concept, which we can refer to as the “World Wide Web” network or global network that surrounds the world, is revealed by Tim Berners-Lee, a computer programmer at CERN, who has found and developed a computer language called HTML.  In this way, today people can communicate more quickly through the sharing of ideas and projects, social networks or other tools, etc. We are getting a lot of conveniences as we know it.


“There are billions of neurons in our brain, but what are neurons? Just the cells. As long as there are no connections between the neurons, the brain has no knowledge.  All we know is that all the information we have comes from the way neurons connect. ”    Tim Berners-Lee



The way we connect the neurons reveals the knowledge we have, the quality of the new information we produce. Likewise, the way we connect to the “global network” and the relationships we establish is what information we can reach and what new information we will produce.


So if you are connected to the network, you can now say that the information is unlimited, even if it is not unlimited, serious reach.


So access to information is not a problem, the new problem of mankind (!); What new information can be produced with the information it has, or what new information can be transformed into…


This is the way of thinking brings the concept of innovation into our daily lives.


Let’s continue this topic in our next article…

İbrahim H. Kayral.