Are you unhappy? Get to the right frequency!

Are you unhappy? Get to the right frequency!

You’ve had a tiring day or even a week, and people’s behaviour in traffic on the way home is bothering you, things didn’t go the way you wanted it, it’s not what you wanted in your life, or why you’re upset.

You’ve been through this a while.

But there’s a time period in front of you to have time for yourself, and you want to get out of this mood.

And how?

First of all, you have to turn your focus around!

You can try to take a short break from all the negativity around you. How’s that?

Let’s look at ourselves in the quantum goggles.

We’re all composed of cells, and cells are atoms.

So what do the atoms consist of?

I can hear your answers; Neutrons, protons, cores.

So what’s in the core?

There are particles of energy in the nucleus called “quarks” and they are constantly vibrating.

I mean, it’s kind of like a whole frequency.

Just human?

No, of course, anything we see around us.

All you’ve seen, everything you’ve heard, all the things that are specific frequencies.

These frequencies are defined by our sensory organs with their own abilities.

Our eyes are in shape,

With voices in our ears.

We can’t identify some of them.

Even if we don’t feel some, we’re unwittingly impressed.

Sometimes it affects those that are positive and sometimes also become negative.

When it’s positive, we’re filled with positive energy. We start to feel life and enjoy it.

Otherwise, our energy is falling.

With our energy high, it’s okay if we’re feeling better.

But what if our energy is low?

That’s where the awareness comes in.

If you can influence and change the frequency that makes you who you are, the change begins.

This may be possible with a cheerful, pleasurable rhythm, where you can chat with a friend that matches your frequency, or send your favourite piece of music to your kuarkand.

So the rhythm of your life begins to redesign.

It’s like changing a radio frequency you don’t like and switching to the new channel.

If you realize how the frequency you live in affects your energy.

All you have to do is press the button and change your frequency, until the song you love plays in your life.

You can start with the following song.



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