Books and people

Books and People

There are some books that you would read to finish sooner.
Maybe you’d like to see the end, maybe you want to get rid of it, maybe you’re just trying to get to the next book you bought.

There are some books that you can read to live in the digest.
If you do not want to finish, the previous pages will revert back to the rereads of the live rows.

There are some books on the spot that will leave moments on the first pages that are not as appealing as the cover.
Maybe it’s poorly written, maybe it just doesn’t appeal to you.

There are some books you can’t separate from your bedside.
If you know the ending or even every line, you want to read it again as time goes by. Because this time it’s not a book, you’ve changed over time. The book is your witness now.
The same lines of the book make sense again with your new perspective. This time it’s not your book, maybe the book will read you.

Because every person is like a book. It’s a book that makes sense again as time progresses. Sometimes it’s just that the lid is attractive, sometimes it’s like a bunch of books.

For him, human beings are constantly reading each other.
Sometimes it’s too much to live, to live, to read your life
Sometimes he looks so sincere, he reads his heart.
Because every person is like a book.