World Accreditation Day

World Accreditation Day

The last day of June 9 was celebrated as World Accreditation Day. The Institute for Quality and Accreditation of health services in Turkey (Tüska) issued a congratulatory message with the World Accreditation Day. This year, “Accreditation: a global vehicle in the support of public policies” has been identified as the main theme for the International Accreditation Forum and the World Accreditation Day, which has been announced to increase the awareness of the accreditation by ILAC.

The accreditation systems developed and implemented to ensure compliance with standards in many different sectors also have an important place in the healthcare sector. The accreditation programmes, which are determined by the health service institution’s standards of performance, with an independent audit process, mean that the institution’s compliance with the standards is accepted by the public. These independent and voluntary programs are especially focused on education; It has evolved into multidisciplinary assessments of health service functions, organizations and networks.

At some time, arrangements to provide minimum standards and the accreditation, which is mixed with the licensing-based field inspection conducted on the axis of these arrangements, is beyond the legal requirements to encourage continuous improvement in the process. is based on the highest level of standards that can be reached and the systematic supervision of these standards.

Unlike the ISO standards, the accreditation programs used to assess healthcare facilities have begun to be developed especially for healthcare services. Programs starting in Anglo-Saxon countries spread to Latin America, Africa and South East Asia in the 1990s. The mandatory programmes were recently adopted in France, Italy and Scotland. Accreditation programmes are carried out by private organizations in some countries, public authorities in some countries, and some in public-private mixed systems.

In Turkey, the goal of “quality and accreditation for qualified and effective health services” is determined by the transformation program in health and the quality assessments performed on this goal and the important studies carried out on the same axis are the Ministry of Health The development and dissemination of quality culture has been ensured by the emergence of. In line with the goal of the transformation program in health, the implementation of accreditation programs that will be implemented by the Institute of Health Services Quality and accreditation in Turkey on the axis of globally accepted principles and standards, competition Efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, health tourism, security culture, etc. National and international are of great importance in many respects.

In our country, there are many individuals and organizations contributing to the development of quality of health services in an academic or technical sense, giving effort and support. I hereby congratulate the World Accreditation day for everyone who has devoted to the work of quality and accreditation.

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