I want to retire and build my own business!..


I want to retire and build my own business!.


I think this is one of the most common phrases we encounter in our business life. It’s not even just an ordinary sentence, it’s almost a slogan:


I want to retire and start my own business!.

Is this an irruption that disrupts our motivation in a business environment, or is it a haven in a difficult time? Maybe it’s an old habit. The employees who had the chance to retire early, I think that because they were retired at a young age; instead of sitting at home, they had this approach with their concern on what to do at the time of their second spring.

What’s the situation today?

In our working life, especially when we observe the white-collar sector, we can see that many employees do not love their work very much, or to talk with a more optimistic approach, are not feeling satisfied enough in their work.

According to the Turkey 2012 Workforce Research Report, prepared by Towers Watson, it is seen that the issue of retirement is among the 5 most important agenda matters of employees in Turkey. According to the study, “6 out of every 10 employees stated that for them, retirement is more important than ever in recent years.


Today, the pressure created by the competitive environment and put on the institutions brings “stress” into our daily lives when it comes to the way of doing things and if we add “boss” management that cannot fully perform institutionalization in this situation, the retirement dream and how we build this dream becomes even more important. If you want to, let’s get from the daily work life of this boring environment to after retirement dreams… Activities such as spending time with grandchildren, relaxing, sleeping, reading, watching television and having a holiday are of course every retired person’s natural right and very beautiful dreams.


So if you want to start a business!. What do you have to do to keep them from just dreaming? If you have a dream of starting a business after retiring with any motivation, you should start the necessary studies as soon as you can. At least before retiring… Because when the day you retire, all your dreams can fall into the water because you’re not prepared for this kind of life.


Where should you start?


Of course, you must first have a business idea. If you don’t have a business idea, you can at least start doing research on this on the Internet before you start the other steps.

It will be helpful to list what features you have, what you like and what you don’t like people who might be able to support you around you or situations that might interfere.

Dreams about retirement are always attractive. But when really planning and evaluating these plans, dreams can come to life. If you have the potential to analyze the risks accurately and assess opportunities, perhaps the best time to start your dream work together with your knowledge, experience and expertise is retirement.


What should be done after having the idea of a business and deciding that this is a job that works for you, and I will detail them in my next writings.

İbrahim H. Kayral.