Merchant "mentality"


Merchant “mentality”


Traders are people who can sell “dreams”, which are more “truths” than they produce, in the projection of the truth.

The difference is that the “dreams (minus) facts” that can be sold are the profits of these people. A lot of people get into these dreams and leave themselves to the imagination. Sometimes he delivers his labour, sometimes his money, sometimes even his life. The end result is 1 unit profit from the merchant, which can reveal the dream of 2 units in return for reality. You don’t know if these visions are imaginary or not. Many believe that every dream he sells is almost real.  But at the end of the job, whatever happens, things are desired, expected, desirable, not go as imagined… One or more of the established dreams occur.

The workers live on more reality… They think more tangible, they move.

They usually produce more reality. Labor, money, and most of the time they put their lives in the middle. After all, they actually give more to people than they can imagine. This is bread, this is a car, this is a precious mine, the cleaned house, the child who is looking…  There are no volunteers who go behind them because they can’t sell dreams. Because they spend more effort than they can imagine, they always make sacrifices from themselves, sort of in the pocket.

Subject to two subjects above; The merchant may not be anyone who deals in classical trade. In the same way, the proletariat may not be anyone who works in the classical sense. The headings I have here are representing a mentality more.

A person who deals in trade can be a labourer, a worker working as a merchant mentality.

When you categorize these two perspectives in a single spectrum, they can be more merchants or more workers ‘ mentality than each other or subject.

But in the end, these two types of life are actually needed…

Without the first, our dreams for the future cannot be rich enough, and without the latter, dreams cannot become reality.

But these two are more than enough. More than the first, that is, the merchant selling dreams far from reality is equivalent to fraud. If you’re already watching crooks, you’ll see that they sell dreams that will surprise people.

The extremissive of the latter leads you to slavery. You are transformed into robots that have never dreamed, or you live and fulfil the dreams of others.

In the age of knowledge that the world has become a global village, I think the most healthy is to be able to move forward without sinking into the beautiful ports where we dream of the ship we are dreaming of, and the fact that both the society and the individual can produce balanced reality with dreams and the reality I’m thinking that it’s not too far away from dreams…

İbrahim H. Kayral


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