What should you do when you see an unhappy woman?

What should you do when you see an unhappy woman?

Marketing researchers are especially trying to understand and identify the behaviour of consumers, particularly women, and seek answers to increase sales volume by analyzing the consumer’s shopping trends, continuously They’re doing research.


In this regard, women and men spend their time in the store, in which the design of the products placed in the interest of how interesting and different findings are not achieved.

You don’t need to be a marketing researcher to know that when they are bored (!) or when they feel unhappy, women go shopping as their first resort, and they get their way in the nearest mall (which is boredom or unhappiness is a separate black box:)).

When you see an unhappy woman…

Circulating in social media these days:

“When you see an unhappy woman, you come in and pat her hair, look her in the eye, and then gently whisper in her ear:” Mango has a discount! “

Style sentences are also built on this real (!).

So, does shopping really help you emotionally?

I have not done scientific research on this subject, but I argue that this slogan ultimately comes to the seller’s work…:)

On the other hand, someone was curious and looked into the matter.

I share the research I encountered while browsing the Harvard Business Review Turkey page. It’s interesting to me, and I’m sure you’ll be interested.

Emotional benefits of Shopping

“According to a study conducted by Scott Rick of the University of Michigan, a sad Film scene (the scene called the Champ, where the boy’s mentor Died) when the participants exchanged a small office item such as a ballpoint pen, At the level of unhappiness (100 points), a decrease of 2.28. Researchers say that the sense of control that the person creates around him while making a choice during shopping is alleviating sadness. “

Source: The Benefits of Retail Therapy: Making Purchase Decisions Reduces Residual Sadness

I leave you the comments on the study…


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