S. O. S. Social Media

S.O. Social Media

As we see in today’s communication opportunities and the prevalence of their use, we cannot stop thinking about where we are in communication.


The first people were expressing themselves by using physical signs, hand, arm or head movements to the opposite person. The people who later discovered to express themselves with pictures adorned the walls of their caves with these statements. Messages were started with these statements.

“Time” became important in our era. It is no longer just “transmission of the message” but also “rapid transmission”. As time went down, we started to find new ways. Computers, mobile phones and the Internet were now in our hands.

Facebook Country

Nowadays, many people who have internet and computer software in their home, business or hand are members of at least one social networking site. The dialogue on these sites, the topics discussed, the rapid consumption of issues and the rapid change of agendas, and the emergence of the vortex is so difficult.

Today, Facebook exceeds 1 billion, and the world’s highest-population countries are in view of a country with the highest third population after China and India. 3. According to 2014 data, The largest populated us is home to about 320 million people. Facebook (after Google) is the second most visited site in the world.

Twitter, which was founded in 2006, has reached 240 million users. This 240 million user will tweet an average of 500 million a day, so they share a message. This is the rate of communication and the form of economic life, social relations etc. In many vital areas, it seems to have already conceived new perspectives.

Of course, these tools constitute social media, as the name suggests, a “media” tool. As we know, the media is a whole that uses auditory and/or visual instruments to transmit any information to the people we want to deliver that information to. There’s a lot of classic cars in this whole range, from TV to radio, from newspaper to magazine.1

In recent years, the concept of social media has been entered into our lives with the addition of computer (PC), Pocket Computer (PDA) and most importantly the widespread use of the Internet.

What is this social media?

Blogs, social networks, forums, microblogs, chat sites etc. Sites and applications that allow an individual or corporate users to share information with each other are emerging as social media tools. The dialogues and shares made by all users on the Internet by means of these are also social media.

Although it appears to be a small conversation between individuals when viewed from the outside, the power of social media becomes even more prominent as the number of users reaching the “knowledge” that is subject to sharing and resharing it.

For example, the “propagation rate” of a share you make on social media for a product you are complaining about after purchasing and using is a significant threat to many businesses, but the rapidly spreading of information about a useful product Important opportunities.

Social media, not you, manage your social network!

In such an era, in which the current knowledge has consistently lost its validity at a great rate, it is not possible for an institution or an individual who wants to produce any value and share it, nor can they be able to protect the power of social media, but to avoid this environment It’s hard. 


When you add concepts such as branding, transparency, brand value creation, trust, personal branding, quick access to information and competition, the importance of social media is becoming somewhat clearer.

When we evaluate with marketing systematics, it is possible to use this media, which may be the simplest and most sincere way to reach your stakeholders who will aspire to the value you create, and also expose the risks. Because before you start using social media, an important point to be aware of is how and for what purpose you are using this tool. If this is the VB. If you are trying to take part in this process without questioning the answer to the questions, your efforts will be free time entertainment at best, and you will be the only “message receiving” party, not “texting” on social media.

Dr. İbrahim Kayral.

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