Milliyet Blog Page

Milliyet Blog Page

Hello dear readers,

About three years ago, I had the idea of opening a blog page to share my little scribbled writings in a more orderly manner. I applied to the Milliyet blog page, thinking it would be more appropriate to write on an existing blog after doing a quick survey to implement this idea.

Especially when you start new writing, the first excitement that is written by the writing that comes out of the article should be passed through an editorial review. Otherwise, it will excitedly post typographical errors, low sentences, unrelated examples, etc. You can experience many factors that will affect the quality of your writing.

For about 2 years, daily life, technology and Internet, history, work life and many other subjects written 78 articles, Milliyet blog page published. In this process, after my experience with my writings reaching 60,000 readers, I opened this page with the idea that I should now create my own page.

You may not have read my articles on the Milliyet blog, my old posts will continue to be published on that page. I can even republish it on this page by updating some of the articles I found important. Time will show.

Hopefully thereafter, we will discuss more interesting and important issues with your feedback on our page.


Hope to see you again…

İbrahim H. Kayral.

Fikrini belirt, sesini duyur.