A network in between brains is being set up step by step!

A Network in between brains is Being Set Up Step by Step!

For some time, Washington University learning and Brain Science Institute, which has been looking for ways to communicate without a physical connection between the two brains, explained that they succeeded.

In the dark rooms established in two separate laboratories, approximately 2 kilometres away from each other, the research conducted with the participation of 10 volunteers has been determined to transmit the visual experiences of individuals.

During the experiment, the participants were able to accurately predict objects of 72 per cent by sending signals to each other. (Related article: “Playing 20 Questions with the Mind: Collaborative Problem Solving by Humans Using a brain-to-brain interface” http://journals.plos.org/)

I have shared some of the work done in this area before.

For example, scientists from Harvard University last year conducted an experiment to establish telepathy between two people in India and France.

The aim of the experiment was to send messages from one person’s brain to another without communicating. As a result, two people in France and India were able to send messages to each other’s brains. (For the BBC News about the subject; http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-29093700)

Can communication be achieved without using any other means between the two brains?

Can you even have more than one brain involved in this communication?

If it does, where does the network with more than one brain take us?

For example, if the teams created in the enterprises could establish such a network among themselves, how would teamwork make sense?

We can ask a lot of questions like this, and from there we can produce many existing problems, different solutions with our possibilities. But first, we need to do a little more reading about it. Because it’s not that simple.

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