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Smart phones to thoughtful phones…

Thoughtful phone

From Smart Phones To Thoughtful Phones…


Technology is progressing so fast, and the applications that are put out with this technology are evolving so fast, I think smartphones are now almost as thoughtful as they are to maturity.

Since the first day they entered our lives, the information they have collected for our personal data is that they can make meaningful comments for us.

When you install any program, we also have the right to expect a little bit more from the phones that collect our continuous data from our location information, phone book, application usage details, and so on. I guess.

In particular, the data collected with “measurable applications” are a doctor, coach, and consultant feature that we carry in our pockets. Morning Habits (Habit Clock), what we spend time at the computer (Slife), even the dreams you see and the frequency of these dreams according to the analysis (Shadow), the follow-up of your emotion (in Flow), walking, With a wide range of applications ranging from running, sleep patterns (Walk longer, Nike +) to data, our phones have become familiar with us better than us.


I encourage you to listen to Gary Wolf’s speech at TED @ Cannes, which sums up where we are at many points, such as personal development, personal exploration, self-recognition and measurable personality.

Of course, we are still in the process of adapting to these applications and we are trying to catch up on the speed of the phones. But in order to be ready for the near future, if they know us so closely, these devices are always on our side, and I’m saying they can act a little more considerate.

Thoughtful Phone2

For example, when we go to any restaurant, the program that measures how long we’ve walked and how many calories we burn, whether we can eat the food or the opposite, depending on the food we eat, how long we should walk/run Wouldn’t it be nice if he warned us before we even asked him?

Remind me to take our umbrella when we leave the house on a rainy day.

If we feel sad, surprise us with our favourite song…

The smartphones that are constantly gathering information about us are inseparable, and it is very natural that we wait for our phones not only to be smart but to be thoughtful.

Don’t you think it would be thoughtful if this guy said he didn’t get enough sleep when we were late at night and he had the alarm 5-10 minutes late? 


Note: Thank you for the tweet that inspired this article @arzukalkavan.


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