Has the Rant crossed our humanity?

Has The Rant Crossed Our Humanity

We often hear or use this word in our daily lives. So what’s the Rant?


The Rant concept is used in two different ways with its narrow and broad meanings:  

The definition of the rand by economists is made in the form of “return of nature”. Rant with another saying; Gains that are achieved without any effort.  

According to Korkut Boratav, the rant is defined as a broader interpretation, perhaps by replacing the term “Avanta”: “Any advantage of the state in favour of individual, industrial or sectoral private enterprise with various applications Create This is the realisation and sharing of the advantage. (Source: Wikipedia)  

The concept of a rant in society is often used and discussed mostly through political rhetoric. When the business enters politics, the ruling, the opposition, the main issue is boiling.  For him, I want to underline the concept of a rant with more narrow meaning in this article, attracting attention to ourselves as individuals.

Although people in everyday rhetoric are pro, every man of the era, etc. Although some private sector bosses are often voiced by their criticisms, they do not refrain from evaluating the opportunity when they are born for themselves.  

Before you sink the sack into another…

Ultimately, the Rant contains all kinds of earnings, which are derived from Labour. Take this scale to your hand and see for yourself, again with this measure of your surroundings.   

For example, a person who loves nature, criticizing the distorted urbanization that characterises himself as an environmentalist, does not reject the extra gain that the building is demolished as a result of the new fold coming out.

Although he does not work, he does not strive, he sits without hesitation to any authority offered to him.

When he hears that the residence is planted in his land, which is arable, fertile land, his eyes pop out of his nest, smiling fine.

The surplus value that someone else produces is costing itself without enough effort, without paying a price to work.

In other words, life/nature (!) offers itself to all kinds of “blue”, “The avant-garde” is a man who accepts pleasure.

The unfavourable gain in doing so makes the love of nature instantly forgotten, for example, he actually contributes to the distorted urbanisation he complains.


For example, a lot of people who do not deny their brutal criticism while watching television news, when the building offers a base station for mobile phones, radiation, etc. The threats are easily overlooked by the sparkle of money. It’s not enough, he thinks of every way to hide his work from other apartment residents. I am aware of the damage but the rant is sweet ultimately…   

Such examples are commercial or non-commercial and can be easily increased in many areas of everyday life. Ultimately, the key concept is to gain profit without labour and to harm others or society by providing personal interest in any field of life.

Evaluating the opportunity to be in front of someone during the bank…

To enter the patient’s room outside visiting hours by ignoring the rules during a patient visit, to find a way to benefit their patient at the expense of damaging other patients…

Examples can be differentiated, increased…

I just want to say. In our society, each individual is very distant from the subjects that are far away from them, while others do not deny the criticism of the subjects entering the control area can easily ignore the approaches.  He even argues. 

However, it is important to remember that; Each individual is creating the distant others who are mercilessly criticised for others with what they have done or did not.

In the end, “We and others” in total, we set the society we live in, the air we breathe, the quality of life we live in.  

İbrahim H. Kayral

This article: Previously, Milliyet was compiled from the same-titled written in my Blog address published on 09.07.2011.