Dolce Far Niente

The greatest impasse of our age is the struggle of a continuous and extreme win without giving enough space to him in the life equation.

In the equation, where they do not need, they feel the need, the desire to pursue, the constant insatiable feeling and restless.

This is the unfortunate portrait of the quiche that is swaying and swinging into the sea as it tries to remain balanced in the boat.

The Italians seem to have solved the situation with the word “Dolce far niente”. I mean, with the sweetness of doing nothing.

A little stop, relax, slow down, calm down, listen, hear, feel, the important components of being human. Without realizing it, it’s just a rush, and then it turns out that “affluenza” is an epidemic of unhappiness.

Stop by and enjoy doing nothing.

Look what surprises will be waiting for you in that nowhere.

With Love
İbrahim H. Kayral


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