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There are many measures for the life cycle to move smoothly within its own flow. You know, we say. These measurements are such delicate measurements, not to miss the measure.

That’s probably one of the most important measures, distances.
We say, “Put the distance!” Sometimes in our daily relationships, it’s actually finding the right distance.
But to understand distances accurately and precisely, you need to come out of the human center and look at other elements of life.


Distances at the level of quantum and universe
If you look at the smallest building blocks of life with quantum physics goggles, you see that atoms and subatomic particles and these particles are protected by the right distances between each other and that life continues.
The distances between the nucleus and the nucleus with regular rotating electrons around the core are the basic relationship that constitutes the atom. Electes approach the nucleus at certain temperatures or move away from the core, except for a certain distance. Therefore, the life of the atom depends on how these particles remain within the correct range of distances.
From a wider perspective, we also encounter the same pattern in the space cavity.
In the world where we find life and the other planets in the system, the measurements between each other and the sun are on the basis of almost the same relationship, distances.
The planets are approaching the sun at certain limits and they are moving away. Life only continues and gives pleasure as long as the correct distances are preserved at these intervals.
Distance between people
Let’s see where the distances are at the right intervals and the measurements depend on the life.
Both the macro universe that we live in and the micro particles that make up us are moving at these distances, while those of us who are at the center of these two planes can continue to live or enjoy the life of these distances Awareness.
Business Life, love life, social life, school life no matter what, we have to define these distances correctly in relationships with people, and we need to maintain relationships in the intervals they should be.
We can live in each other’s gravitational fields, turning around each other, but without colliding with each other, hitting each other, or moving away from each other too far, but to our lives.
In the opposite circumstances, the capture of certain ambitions, excessive passions means the disappearance of control within the gravitational field. The elimination of the right distances results in the breakdown of relations with anger, sadness, crimes committed and mistakes.
You will leave the Earth’s orbit with extreme passion and run (!) Can you imagine it sticking to the sun, or am I getting too far around here? 
In a nutshell, look for the right distances in your own center with your surroundings, your relationships with other people, find and continue to enjoy life.

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