Some words,

Some sentences,

Some books,

Some poems,

Some people.

They are like a seed planted in your life…

If your land agrees

And if you water him regularly,

He’s not missing his sun,

If you talk to him,

You grow that seed, you turn it green,

Then he opens his flowers, the seed,

You start to get your fruit, one by one…

That word, that sentence, that book or human

He doesn’t know you’re raising him, he doesn’t know it.

But how valuable is that seed,

You have already dreamed of what beautiful flowers will give you fruit… It is your awareness that is valuable…

And sometimes you’re the seed,

Sometimes knowing, sometimes unwittingly,

Sometimes, without even knowing the soil from the seed you sow…

Sometimes the earth becomes the seed, sometimes in this life…

The important thing is,

Whether it be seed or soil;

Always have good things, your heart,

Whether it is a beautiful seed and a green plant in a proper land,

Whether it is earth and the beautiful seeds have blossomed…

Whatever you are,

Good work, good things to be the cause,

Duplicate beauties…

And then sometimes remotely, sometimes close,

Stop and watch,

Pull it in, smell it,



All those greeners…

Lovingly, passionately, with love…