14 March Medical Day and strategic management

The medical day, which is celebrated on March 14 in our country, is actually a celebration for employees who work day and night in the field of health and to draw attention to problems in the field of study and commemorate important events and persons in the profession.

This event is carried out in various parts of the world, albeit on different dates. For example, in India, the birth anniversary of the famous doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy is celebrated on July 1, the anniversary of the first time the general anaesthesia was used in surgeries on 30 March 1842 is celebrated as a medical day in the United States.

Ii. During the period of Mahmut, the day of the first surgery, which was established by the name of the surgeon Mustafa Behçet’s, was founded on March 14, 1827, as a medical holiday for our country.

What does a medical holiday have to do with strategic management?

I feel like my readers are asking me that question.

The etymological origins of the word strategy are based on ancient Greek. The strategy was formed by combining the ancient Greek words “Stratos” (Army) and “Ago” (directing, directing). The dictionary meaning of the word strategy is “the art of providing and organizing the unity of action to achieve a purpose”. Strategy, especially in military terminology, is a very often used concept.

Speaking of war and strategy, let’s look at the starting point of the medical holiday for our country. The first celebration of the medical holiday is being made in occupied Istanbul on 14 March 1919. That day, medical school students are protesting the invasion under the leadership of Hikmet Boran. The protest, which also supported the famous doctors of that period, is in history as a dormitory defence movement for medical professionals in the medical holiday.

From this point of view, we see that it is an important step in the name of how critical a day is, to provide a “unity of action to achieve a purpose” in which it symbolizes a stance.


What is the strategic importance of medical holiday today?

Although the concept of strategy is a widely used expression in the field of defence, it is also in the field of management. Especially in the complex health system, which requires intensive professional knowledge, specialization, and many problems arising from the nature of the industry as well as competitive elements, it prevents the effective development of the offered health services The

Just as in battles, leadership and strategic management are important to achieve success in today’s globalization and the intense competition that it brings. Whether it be handled professionally or in terms of organisational structures and institutions, the determination of common objectives for the provision of services in a more efficient and healthy environment, and the successful attainment of these objectives, the strategic management model.

There is no doubt that the performance levels of the systems and structures that are increasingly complex and intensifying in the competitive environment will increase the importance of strategic management and are determined to implement it. In this respect, medical day is day and night labour in the health field, all health workers who put their mind and strength in a healthy working environment, to achieve their health goals in an effective way to reach the objectives of representing efforts.

The effective implementation of macro and micro strategies, strategic thinking and management forms to achieve this common purpose will be an insight that health managers and employees must embrace in all levels.

On the occasion of this day, which is important in terms of ensuring common reasoning and public wisdom in the health sector to be expressed by all stakeholders in the common aims and objectives of reaching goals; I am celebrating the 14th of March medical holidays for all healthcare professionals who strive to live a healthy life and spend our lives in a more quality way.

With respect,

Dr. Ibrahim H. Kayral.