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Patient centered care and health service quality

Patient-centred Care and Health Service Quality

The complex structure of healthcare is constantly debating how the quality of service can be handled and improved in both academic and practical areas around the world. When the quality of health services is considered, the expectations of the patient or the insurance institutions, the perception of the patient or society, or the quality that should be in technical terms, should be taken into consideration, this style is still not clear in discussions.

Topic Where to start to improve the quality level? What kind of method should be followed? What should be the targets? As we approach the subject, it can become very complicated. One of the most accepted points in these discussions is the approach of taking care of the patient as a basis in maintenance services.

Patient-oriented care (Patient-Centered care PCC), which started to be debatable in the 1980s, argues that not only the treatment of the patient but also the needs of the patient should be taken into consideration. This approach also emphasises the approach in which quality is more prioritized than costs, as opposed to the way of thinking, which is advocated in older versions and prioritised costs according to the quality work.

In other words, it argues that the costs of quality are greater in the long term than the amount spent on the grade.

For example, improving the design of patient rooms by taking into consideration the feedback of patients and employees affects the quality of service. According to a study conducted in the United States (University Medical Center of Princeton); As a result of the improvement in the design of the patient rooms, patients ‘ pain relief requests were decreased by 30%. In the same way, patient satisfaction levels went from 61% to 99% in two years. Most importantly, as a result of this kind of improvement, accidents and infection rates have decreased.

The most fundamental fact that all these studies have shown to us is that we need to be human-oriented, whether we should put people in the centre of all our work or be patient or employee. This is possible only by taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions, preferences and expectations of the areas (patient or employee) in the system and integrating them into the system.


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