Multi-dimensional quality in service quality and health services

“Stay stuck in what you have achieved,

Nor insist on your mistakes.

Start over again;

Start again in every precious moment of your time. “

N. D. Walsch

Many researchers and practitioners who have done quality work in healthcare are giving great efforts to improve the quality of the service and the health sector.

I have written this book in order to increase the effectiveness of these studies, to create a basic theoretical infrastructure for quality studies in health services presentation and to bring a conceptual perspective on health quality.

The book, which I believe will be beneficial to the studies on quality theory in healthcare and health care. I wish to contribute to all academicians and practitioners working in the field of service quality, especially in hospitals and universities, and to guide students who are studying in the field of health care…

Basic topics discussed in the book:

  • Service concept
  • Health services
  • Health Services Features
  • Service Quality and dimensions
  • Service Quality Models
  • Quality in health services
  • Health services Multidimensional Quality model

Details about the book, in detail Publishing

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