Can a network be established between brains?-(Global single Consciousness)

Can The Network Be Established Between Global And Single Consciousness

We’re about to come to the end of our writing. Is it possible to integrate internal and external internetwork in this section? And if it is possible to look for answers to questions that will arise ‘ all ‘ where it leads us.


As you recall, in the first article of the series, we talked about synapses that provide connections between neurons and neurons from the structure of the nervous system and our brain.


There are billions of neurons in our brain, the process performed through connections established between these neurons and the size of the information produced is unbelievable. 


So, can our brains or nervous systems be integrated with each other, just like the global Network (World Wide Web), where our computers are included with the Internet connection?


Can brains connect to each other?


For this, synapses need to be quantifiable, recordable, resolvable.



Scientists are working on this issue, and at this point, they manage the energy that moves between neurons, measuring the transmitted signals, and recording them.


In the experiments, they only make the synapses that we have acted on by thinking in the computer environment. They’re kind of talking about thoughts.

In this way, for example, a person who cannot speak, just thinking, can make a phone call with the opposite person.


Still just thinking, the movement of the synapses is measured, allowing a person connected to the electric chair through computers to give commands to their chair.



Sounds incredible, but it’s possible. Because science hears the “voice” of the signal transitions between the neurons. Then all it takes is to turn the sound waves into commands.


I suggest you watch more of the examples I’ve given above in the “mind control in pursuit of the impossible” documentary.


Another example of this issue is the Avatar film.


Many of you have watched the movie. As you can recall, the film goes on a satellite called Pandora. Pandora is home to the people of Na’vi, who are 3-4 feet long, blue humanoid-looking, who have embraced the tribal culture, and are peaceful as long as they are not attacked. People control their own Avatar bodies through ‘ neural connections ‘ because they cannot breathe the air of Pandora.


When I started my work on this series of articles, a news report in the newspaper revealed that science-fiction took place step by step.



According to the news, Harvard Medical school scientists are using a monkey’s brainwaves to explain how to control another ape’s body. Thanks to the chips placed in the experiment, the commands are given by a monkey are transmitted to the vertebrae of the other ape, and the sleeping monkey is making the movements that the Monkey command wants. Prof. With this development, Williams said they aimed to find the possibility to control the limbs that the paralysed patients could not use (20.02.14-Hürriyet newspaper).

It’s hard to even dream of what we can produce.

As the connections between the brain and the neural networks become possible, the person cannot pass without saying, “What after?” At this point, imagine that these connections, which can be established between the two minds, are established among a group of people.



Each brain has its own knowledge and experience, and all of this knowledge and experience unite in one mind. For example, you’re in a meeting, you’re going to make a strategic decision about your company, inviting all the people involved in the meeting and setting up the mental connection, making the best decision in seconds.


The memory capacity of the brain was calculated. Uludag University, ‘ Narain ‘ at the conference, which gives information about the latest work on the Brain Yildirim Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology, Chairman Assoc. Dr Sinan Canan, “The brain has a memory of 2.5 million gigabytes. This figure is equivalent to recording HD film lasting 300 years, ” he said.



Imagine that 7 billion people are tied together and connected all the time. In one world, everyone is connected and able to think together. One common mind. Let’s call it global single consciousness or global unique consciousness.

That’s when mankind will be using this common power or absolute strength.

From here the post depends on your imagination…

Okay, it’s good to dream, but with so much imagination and knowledge what we do in our daily lives?


If  we want to gather this in the last article of the series…


İbrahim H. Kayral.