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Personal or institutional development-the first step

Personal or Institutional Development – The First Step

In our business, we want to be more effective, more efficient and more productive in our work. In other words, we desire to achieve our goals, and while doing so, we aim to accomplish this by using at least the resources we have, as well as the ‘ best ‘ we can do with the resources we have.


Like other requests for life, these desires motivate us to “develop”…

In both our personal world and institutional structuring, these three targets are indispensable for most of us.


I am also thinking about this topic like you occasionally…

When you investigate, we can easily reach hundreds of articles, books and scientific publications written on “Development”. In fact, most of the time, we don’t even have to reach that information. I will not stand in this article on ‘ Next ‘ issues related to personal or institutional “development”. The point I want to dwell on is to determine a starting point or ‘ environment ‘ for the ‘ development ‘ that we want to accomplish in our business life.


Last night, I had a chance to reconsider this issue with an instrumental piece shared by a friend of mine. The reason I wrote the article was the fact that it was the part…

We’re in a loop in our life. As we imagine this cycle, we strive for better quality every time you turn. If every round of the life cycle has a starting point; My point is ‘ peace ‘.


Of course, there are many reasons to miss the ‘ peace ‘ in our outer world, our business world, and even our very close surroundings. That’s not what I’m talking about. In our personal inner world, we need to live in the centre of our consciousness as ‘ aware ‘ of ‘ peace ‘.


If we do not have this ‘ peace ‘, we cannot contribute to personal or institutional development in our business life.

And most importantly, this ‘ peace ‘ is not possible for anyone outside to provide you, but you can catch up with yourself…

For this, we need to avoid the confusion in our minds and ‘ simplify life ‘!


I leave you with the images that make me feel these feelings. I wonder what you will feel…


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