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Why institutional development?

The writings I designed for my page consist of our search for a better quality life. In our business life, in our personal lives, in our jobs, in the relationships we have established…

In other words, I intend to provide a dynamic that will capture continuous improvement across our lives.

One of these structures is the provision of institutional development.

Why should institutional development be addressed in a separate title?

In fact, institutional structures are structures that do not make sense on their own. Ultimately, the individuals or people who make up the institutions!

If human beings capture individual development, the institutions develop spontaneously!

In this way a thought can be conceivable at first glance. However, institutional structures are essentially an organism that lives in itself, and most importantly, it is capable of producing more than the sum of individuals.

Therefore, the individual development of the components that make up the system may not mean the development of institutions. Because the components that make up this system are also compatible with each other and the harmony is as important as the parts that make up the structure.

In fact, this structure I summarize is not a very unknown thing.

Well, why do I need such an explanation?

Especially when I observe businesses in our country, I can see it in comfort. Investments are more focused on individuals, planning will save more days. The reason is a system in the background, the improvement of the institution as a living organism, the lack of understanding of the development. The reasons for this will be the subject of another article. I’m not getting into that detail for him.

The point I want to underline is; The achievements to be achieved without the institutional perspective, no matter how bright they will be daily, is not permanent.

Maybe you’re a small-scale business owner, maybe a medium-sized business manager or a big business, no matter!

If you cannot provide institutionation regardless of what position you are working in, your work will not be permanent. The most optimistic will not be able to reach its original potential!

In today’s world where competition is experiencing the most severe, this situation will preserve its existence as sufficient reason for the structure to fall backwards in the race…

Muhammad H. kayral

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