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Treasure Map


           Treasure map.


           While I was reading the book “When Nietzsche Cried”, I had the opportunity to reconsider the words of Nietzsche’s definition on friendship: “The pursuit of a greater truth done by two people.” The reason of humans’ existence or their purpose. I always think that maybe the reason for our existence is not that much of an issue for us and that we should focus more on what should be our purpose.


           I first fell into this systematic search for purpose in my high school years. I thought, I asked, I questioned… And I dug up a map that was some kind of a treasure map in the human mind. So what was the treasure that made it a treasure map? It was actually very simple. The desire to be happy. Yes, people wanted to be happy but how could this treasure be reached? It seemed as complex as finding a way in the woods but it was as easy as getting on the freeway.


Only, how? I mean, how could a man have the desire to consume scarce resources without limitation and then reach a constant happiness? In the end, with which idea structure could he break through such concerns in a world where every man has the same emotions and fall into a “dried bread fight”? Because in the sphere where we all live together, it wasn’t enough that you were just happy. I mean, if you were happy and you were reducing someone else’s happiness, this system would collapse.

In those years I was recommending “sharing” as the best way for the solution. Sharing what you have, sharing happiness. In fact, it would not be enough not to go beyond that and have it as a purpose to make people happy. This is how the first phase of the happiness map was completed. If everyone worked for each other’s happiness, it would be a renewable system and the person themselves and other people would reach that happiness.

I continued to observe life, human, society and in the first step, I saw that in order for this equation to work, to reach “love” in the inner world of man, he must discover it in his heart. To love the opposite, to feel real love… You know, there’s a story:


They ask, “What is the difference between those who only speak of love and the living?” and he says, “Look, I’ll show you.”


First, they prepare a table for the ones who have not been able to get love from the tongue to the heart. They all sit down. Then the dishes come in hot soups, and then there’s a meter-tall spoon called the Dervishes. He also stipulates that “you are going to eat it from the end of these spoons.” They say, “Well,” and they attempt to drink. But what is that? The spoons are too long, so they can’t take it out of their mouths. In the end, they can’t handle it, they just feel starved sitting in the table.


He says, “Now…” “Let’s invite those who really know love, to eat.” Their faces are luminous, smiling with their eyes love comes to light people come to the table this time. When you say “here,” each one of them will dip their tall spoon in the soup and then extend it to their brother and drink their soup. So every one of them feeds on the other, and they get off on the table. He says, “here.” “Who sees himself in the table of life alone, and if he thinks to be saturated, he will starve. And if anyone thinks about your brother, he’ll be fed by his brother. And, of course, remember this: In this market of life, he who takes the most is not the winner but he who gives.”


As in this story, the key to absolute happiness is to share the soup and the bread with love. But there’s something here that’s not very conspicuous.


In nowadays that the demands are differentiated, the production of mass production according to individual preferences is realized; how good is the soup that is given to the friend, considering his taste? Maybe that soup is too salty or bitter for him?


Not only is it enough to share, but to reach the individual and social happiness as partners.


So I thought it was time to update the story and the map of happiness that I used to define while reading the lines of Nietzsche. Though this updated treasure map will also be in my next post…


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