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Welcome to my Page

Welcome to my page.


I will try to publish my thoughts on this blog page that I have determined, learned, realized and more importantly, what I want to share with you. I hope that the managers, employees and young people with a certain vision in the field will benefit from it. You can also contribute to and comment on the social media tools on the page in short ways.


Ultimately, the goal is to produce something and build a life of better quality together. I would appreciate it if you would like to contact me for your contributions and opinions on my blog page which will develop with your views as well.


Getting started…


As you can see, we have rolled up our sleeves for a blog page. I appreciate Mr. Erol’s help in taking my first step in this matter and creating the necessary infrastructure together. Though we couldn’t keep meeting because of his other works so then the making of the page was left for me to handle. Also, I saw that things do not just end with the opening of the site by writing its name.

As I got feedback about the page or as I reviewed other sites, I started to mess with the site more and more like “that part should actually be that way”, or “let’s change the characters”… My initial intent was to just write on my page but then a minute later I was writing codes on the background for the page design. Rather I’m not writing, I’m just trying to write. Because I do not have such a background. Meaning I don’t know if there is such a term but I do not have the ‘code literacy’.

To sum up, if you intend to create a blog page, I can tell you in advance that it is not enough to just write your writings. You will often need someone who understands page design and code to be around you until the page is good to go. Of course this is unless you enjoy learning the background and the basis of the business…


Stay with love.

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