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Why quality and accreditation title?

Why Quality and Accreditation Title?


I’ve included some chapter titles for the types of writings I aim to publish on my page, especially so that my readers can follow more comfortably. One of the titles is the quality and accreditation under the title of My Writings.

In this title, I will try to write my personal thoughts on quality and accreditation in terms of health services in both theoretical and practical fields in our country and in the world.  


It is necessary to note that the saying that is held dear by almost every quality volunteer is true not only on the basis of institutions, but also for the country’s overall macro which is in the meaning “quality is not a target but a permanent journey”. With this dynamic perspective, I aim to share topics that I think will be beneficial in theoretical or practical, national or international level with my readers who are in the quality and accreditation heading, especially in the health field.


These shares are not one-sided, I hope it will be a mutual interaction with you over time. Thus, I believe that the issues that we will discuss will become even more qualified with your contributions.


You can use social media tools on the page or the comments section under related posts to share your ideas. If you are interested in the topics you want to be addressed again, you can let me know.


Thank you for your future contributions.


Love and greetins.



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