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Why do we always share in social media?

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Why Do We Always Share In Social Media

Millions of people registered on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social networks are sharing every day and even every moment. Facebook, for example, is a country with the number of members and the world’s third largest population. (see S. O. S. Yal Medya)

As soon as you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night, the number of people who control any social network that he or she is a member of, likes or shares is increasing every day. So why do people always share something on these platforms?

Why share?

The New York Times “The Psychology of sharing” with 2,500 users gives us important clues. According to the study, factors that motivate people to share something on social networks are listed as follows:

Share fun or useful information

94% of respondents are involved in sharing the benefits that they share with others.

Advancing and enhancing relationships

A significant majority of respondents (78%) are sharing because they can normally stay in contact with people they do not have the opportunity to meet and develop their relationship.

Participation in life/self-realization

Information sharing allows people (69%) to see themselves in life, participate in events that are more daily and become a sense of self-realization.

Introducing Yourself

68% of the people involved in the research are doing their share to promote themselves. People feel that they are able to express themselves to others with the content they share. Shared content, the person’s tastes, interests, priorities, expectations, etc. It brings information to shared people in many subjects. 


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