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Are we getting lonely?

Are We Getting Lonely?

One of the most recent problems of Modern man seems to be being alone.

The neighbours are dying, relatives are ending, even families are in different corners in the same house, and even if the corners are not found as desired, the families are torn apart…

Why are we so separated?

Is this our choice, or are we being dragged to the lonesome?

Let’s go step by step;

-When there is no power, there are people who share a room with candlelight or a gas lamp, or even sleep and wake up in the same room. Everyone is together; He’s telling, he’s listening. Most of the time, the same captain is defeated and consumed. The only fun is the events, stories that family members have told each other…  (I’ve listened to this period from my eldest, of course:) Then the power comes up, and the candlelight leaves the place to modern lighting. The nights are growing, and the other areas of the house are illuminated.

-In the same way in the next years, everyone sits in the rooms where the stove is installed, when the radiators are started, the other rooms are opened and the rooms are gradually starting to depart. Now, especially young people spend most of their time in their rooms.

-Fun, hassle, sharing, monitoring, listening all these necessities often come to life at the table with long dining conversations. But especially after the TV comes out, the situation changes well. TV channels almost make us decide when to rejoice, what to talk about, what to listen to, what to learn and what to know.

-The human-human relationship with television leaves the place of human-screen relationship. Computers are entering our lives.

-Then, everyone, including the Y-generation, is more acquainted with the developments. Internet, mobile phones, smartphones…

Now the number of screens we will look at so much, the range of topics that we are interested in is so wide that it can’t come to human-human conversation.

A little TV, a little computer, a little bit of the phone we’ve got (even most of the time they’re all controlled simultaneously) we’re looking at the end of the day, the night is over.

So, are we complaining about this?

Yes, we’re complaining.

We complain all the time.

As we sorted at the beginning of our summer; We’re being troubled by a dying human relationship.

(Of course, there are many different socio-economic factors that are being eliminated or weakened by different relationships, such as neighbourhoods, kinship, family, and so on. But according to me, technological developments are based on all these developments in general, and we are only going through technology.)

So are we sincere in our complaint?

Not if you ask me!

Why is that?

Smartphone/computer (PC) and the hybrid structure of the internet is a combination of a virtual world or our writing in our own fiction screen let’s say! Because now TVs are connected to the Internet and in the pocket, on the desktop, on the laptop, in the TV unit, all of them take the place of human-human dialogue.

Why does the human-screen relationship take place in human-human relations? Let’s say, “he’s taking his place,” so let’s not argue, he’s taking our time.

Let me sort out the reasons I think:

-Our personal tastes are now very diverse. Movies, food, music, etc. are important to us with very small details of every subject we are interested in. For example, who interprets the same song, our tastes are dedifferentiated. We are now more selective, hard-linked, perfectionist (!) people. Hal, that’s when we’re together. We’re so careful with the details that we have trouble finding common points. This detail (Cilik) is also the fastest response to us “screens”. Everyone can find on the screens that they are looking for all the details of their tastes. He wants the song, the singer he wants, he wears his earpiece, he’s in his room, and somehow he listens to himself.

-Not only the pleasures of people but also different levels of intelligence, perception and interest. While the screens respond to these differences for each type and level, you are stuck in human-human relations after a while. Even in the longest conversations, everyone controls a “personal screen” between 10-15 minutes. This situation, most of the time together, even when combined (a) causes our food.

-On the other hand, the situation is not so dire. Social media, in fact, is holding us together more than we thought, connecting each other. We are together as we are not together in the same place. (It was a bit complicated but let’s sample it immediately). For example, you’re sitting at the same table together to have dinner with a group of friends. However, the topic described after a while is quite a bit out of your interest. You are now entering a short chat with your friend away from the personal screen. At that moment, you’re taking a picture, watching the video. Then you go back to the table and you come in and chat.

And who are you really at that moment?

-If we continue our example, you have never missed a lot about your friends who have not been together for a long time and have eaten at the same table. You’ve seen what day they are from social media, where they make their holidays, what movie they watch and what they think about the movie, and you already know. When you started talking about these issues, you responded, “Oh yes, I saw the shares, I liked it…” in other words; We weren’t together, but we already knew everything about each other.

Let’s go back to our question; Are we really getting lonely?

If you ask me, we’re not alone.

We’ve always been alone!

The difference between our “being alone” and the previous social relations is that our relationship forms are changing and the references we make in this process of change. Maybe it’s just our mouth habits: “Where are those old holidays”:)

If we love it, whether it’s far or close, loves it, we don’t love it far or close anyway.

With audio and video technology, we can even get to the most remote at any time.

As long as we have “screens”, everyone we know or know from the furthest is in the “screen” at any moment.

Maybe it’s not going to get any more crowded, and we live together and intertwined…

But now we can hug and touch each other less…

But it seems that their location will also take touch screens (?):)

And what do you think?

Are we being alone, or are we living in a more connected world?

I’m waiting for your comments.

Stay lovingly…

İbrahim H. Kayral

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