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Perceive the world and perception management

Perceive The World and Perception Management

Perception is available in every person, we perceive the world outside, we act accordingly, we make decisions based on our perception. That way, we know how we perceive the world, and we recognize it.

When that happens, it starts to come to the fofront of how we perceive reality more than the truth itself.

In the theory of special relativity, Einstein says that all beings and the physical phenomena of existence are relative, time, space, movement, not independent of each other. According to this theory, the object is dependent on time, space, movement, motion, and therefore all of them (Wikipedia).

We bring all these physical realities from our past, our culture, our social status, our profession, and so on. When we add our perspectives to the concepts, the subject of perception is becoming very complicated.

But there’s another problem here, man.

Our reality

The person often sees enough of his intelligence to believe and accept his perception of the subject.

“The only thing in the world that is distributed is the mind. Because No one complains about his mind. ”

It is from the satisfaction of a man who escapes so that the person chooses the way to believe more than to question his intelligence or the correctness of perception.

Because it’s easy to believe, it’s hard to question.

Especially if he questioned himself…

Our perception format

When we add the fact that human beings have “seen and heard” in a very long time without thinking about it, the nature of our perception is well formed. According to a study, the brain was transforming itself into knowledge by neglecting to question, ignoring 99% of what they saw and heard. (For those interested in the subject, Zeynep Sarılar’s TEDx-“perception management”, I recommend the speech.)

So our brain is unaware of the information it has acquired by seeing and hearing, and we can unwittingly turn it around, and say it brings us to our decision-making mechanisms, in our interpretations.

Managing and managed perception

When we consider all of these issues that I mentioned above, we can also say that we live with our perceptions, and therefore we need to manage our perceptions that govern us.

When you are based on perception management, there are many different subjects, such as purchasing habits, perceived quality, social media tools, communication management, and can be said to be read, from brand and image management.

But if you ask me, it will be the right start to start with these themes that I count on, not “daily/routine life” and increase our awareness.


Why am I reading this article right now?

Why did I choose to watch that movie yesterday?

What kind of behaviour do I annoy more and why?

Today, why am I happy, or why am I unhappy?

If you can increase such questions and answer the way you perceive it, then you are starting your perception management.

Stay with Love.

İbrahim H. Kayral

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