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Punk Driver


Punk Driver

Watch a little closer to the people driving in traffic. No matter how fast the driver drives the car, almost all of the people who use it faster than he are a bum.

Likewise, the others who go slower than themselves are recruits.

For example, the driver is going 70 km fast, followed by 82 km from the drive to make a selection and react if the road; What‘s your hurry, brother, go a little slower!

If there is another driver driving at 60 miles in front of the same driver, this time it reacts; Go, brother, are you a beginner?!

This is also the same for 90 km outbound, usually the same for going with 120 km.

We’re classicizing people, labelling them for ourselves.

Watch social media, look around, observe your family, relatives, friends.

This situation is in our daily lives, actually.

Those who do not think as we do, who do not behave as we do, are either traitors or ignorants…






I think we should review our perspective.

Who’s a rookie, who’s a traitor, who’s a bum, who’s ignorant?…

And why don’t we just tag it and expand it?

In fact, this issue affects our lives in many different areas, from a lot of social behaviour to transforming our consumption habits through advertisements.

For those who want to investigate in more depth: Durkheim’s ‘ social intensity increases, morale decreases the intensity ‘ assumption and then the “Labeling theory/identification theory/labelling theory” is addressed by the accusation and I can recommend research for the punishment.

I can also suggest that they examine the main headings, which are defined as mind perception, which includes their efforts to understand the thoughts and actions of others.



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