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New weapon of enterprises: Micro Leadership

New Weapon of Enterprises Micro Leadership

In today’s conditions, the increase in consumer consciousness level and therefore expectations are creating pressure to provide consumers with more perfect products. In the same way, the competitive environment created by these conditions results in a race of businesses offering a better product, faster and more accurately to the consumer.

Many different factors, such as the shortening of product lifetimes, changing expectations more quickly, the need for innovation, are forcing businesses to become faster and more flexible.

This situation can be seen more clearly in the information technology of products such as mobile phones and personal computers, as well as in different service sectors such as education, tourism and health.

In this case, the pressure of these businesses to create a faster, new and acceptable creative solution are added to all the problems they need to solve. This problem (or opportunity) can be felt for “employees”, not just at the business level, but also on the micro-level business subunits and even in the personal plane.

Operation: Is it a conductive system, a big castle from the stone walls?

When businesses are dealt with external customers in terms of their internal customers ‘ problems and expectations, they actually come out of the building that has a very conductive interaction with each other. Every problem that needs to be solved in this structure, every target to be reached, every change that needs to be adapted is a problem of all elements of the operating system consisting of micro-units and sub-cells, not “business”, which is seen as a giant fortress.

The way in which these “structures” and “employees” in such a structure are to produce solutions to the problems they face in their daily business lives or to reach their goals; Each micro unit is being “the leader” in their own business areas, and they are able to develop their own “self-leadership” skills.

Enterprises strengthened by the power of the employee

Access to the information that constitutes informal “strength” in classical hierarchical structures, communication with other departments, opportunities to influence others, as well as technological possibilities and transparency in today’s information age, are now in each level with an individual Access opportunity.

As these opportunities are listed, the individual can reach the individual information, the network of relations and communication opportunities; Business generation, problem-solving, flexible mobility, creative thinking are also increasing.

Right here, managers or businesses are coming to a crossroads;

Which way should he go?

Protecting its position (perceived as a threat to innovations)

Managers who perceive this new structure as a threat to themselves, or businesses that want to preserve certain habits in the sector, prefer not to take advantage of the employees ‘ potential from the most optimistic point of view. Of course, they take the risk of getting their hands on their opponents doing better. It is simple to do on the road; More rules and controls.

Self-confidence (innovations to opportunity)

Managers or businesses who see the above opportunities as an opportunity for their employees in the information age are on their way to becoming micro-leaders who can manage their own business areas and affect others in their business circles They’re encouraging. Thus, thanks to their more innovative structures, they can respond to expectations faster than their competitors.

Businesses that choose this path are a bit more difficult because it is a long-term and patience to encourage employees to unleash their potential, creativity, and to lead their own business areas. Journey…

İbrahim H. Kayral

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