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Love is more dangerous than hatred…

Love Is More Dangerous Than Hatred…

I watch people, humanity. I watch wars, peace, fights, reconciliation.

Friendships, relationships,

I watch the children, their mothers, their fathers.

Occupants, jobs, work, done, unmade,

I watch people’s mouths, their actions…

The bad guys or the favours are coming up.

Sometimes in a newspaper corner, sometimes in an event that we live in the day, sometimes in the evening News of a channel…

And I look at it; There is love behind all the mistakes, the accidents, the deaths, the injuries, the robberies, the extortion, the scams, the deception.

No hatred, no ambition, for some reason!


For some career sake, 

Some motherland, people, for the love of God,

Some love of nature, for the sake of animal love,

He does what he does for his family, for his love for his relatives!.

Love, love, doesn’t really seem so innocent and sacred, does it?

To love people, to love our nation, to love nature, to love our business…

When you do it with love, it feels like you have the right to take action!

We can’t say that everyone who has love in it shows good manners. In this respect, love is not so innocent.

What do you like?

How much do you like?

How do you like it?

The answers you give to these questions must also protect your innocence...

Do you hurt other things for “that Thing” you love?

For example, the love you feed to your child, your loved one, your friend, your relatives, your countryman, is very innocent, very natural, at first glance.

Well, have you ever thought about them hurting the love, the values of others in their lives?

Is there a limit to the way you feed your son, the car, the house, or the future?

You’re (!) How long can you tolerate the love of others, other nations, people, neighbours, other children’s affections, and how long do you ignore them, for God’s sake.

When you look at love from here, you see the boundaries of the innocence and sanctity of affection. If you embrace and defend your love without being aware of these boundaries, you are carrying a bomb waiting to explode at any moment in your heart, in your lap, in your hand…


But the people who hate you are more sympathetic. If it feeds on that emotion, it’s a clear threat against the “thing” he hates. People, their surroundings, their enemies, or anyone who has been subjected to hatred, takes the precaution accordingly, exhibits its behaviour accordingly.

Unlimited, inconsistent, untenable, unconditional love is the greater danger to mankind…

The real danger is that the packaging of an innocent love is hidden in a sneaky tear, and even the person with that love is unaware of the danger it creates. Because he believed in the innocence of his actions!.

Ask yourself what, how much, what principles do you love it…

I’ll complete our article with a research question to help you think:

You are driving by car in an alley that needs to be reached at a maximum of 50 km. The middleman, your beloved spouse, your child or your father, your mother uses it, but your warnings are going to be 70-75 km fast. In the meantime, he hits a pedestrian street and gets heavily injured on foot, taken to hospital. Then the police ask you, “the only Witness”; How quickly did your spouse/child/Father drive the vehicle? Did he exceed the speed limit?  

In the meantime, your favourite person is looking into your eyes…

What would be your answer?

Stay lovingly…:)

İbrahim H. Kayral

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